Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A needlework Finish

A finish! All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana Designs. Stitched with called for DMC threads on 36 count Vintage Country Mocha Edinburgh Linen, one thread over two. I started this piece last year, and it's taken me about a year on and off to stitch. It's helped me get through some difficult times. Although I was happy to finish this piece, I felt a bit of sadness to end it. I so enjoyed stitching it. Now to find the perfect frame! 😃

Friday, May 7, 2021

Another Year gone!

What a year it has been! In 2020 I had frozen shoulder, was bit by a tick and had gotten very sick with rocky mountain spotted fever, then I had vitreous detachment of both eyes!...and thats not all...last year was a very very bad year... All this craziness with this virus, and my husband and I wound up with it at Christmas time. It was dreadful! I had it worse than him, and I have to say, I was never that sick in my entire life. I actually felt like I was going to die. I wound up going to the hospital and getting a covid "cocktail". (Regeneron) I wasn't afraid of getting it...as our President Trump had gotten it. If its good enough for him, its good enough for me! :P I wound up with covid induced pneumonia, and it was absolutely miserable. My poor husband being sick at the same time, we were both helpless, not being able to help each other. I lost my sense of taste and smell..which I still don't have, this will be going onto the 5th month! Now to top it all off..I am losing all my hair on my head. Talk about misery. I am not quite sure why I am going through these trials,I know God is with me, and I will perservere. I am still here, and thats a blessing! I cut my hair super short for now to try and ease the pain of it all falling out. Now onto other things! I decided to freshen up my blog a bit! A new layout with new colors. Ive decided its time to go lighter and brighter! I have been working on some things, and have some finishes to show you..so I shall get to that right now. There won't be any particular order of things, as I am tryiing to navigate a new layout. My sweet husband surprised me a little while back with a beautiful new Juki TL-18Qvp sewing machine! It sews like a dream!!! I highly recommend Juki. It is an amazing quilting machine! I decorated mine with stickers I found at Hobby Lobby :)
A sweet kit Ive ordered for myself, and hope to start in the near future! I cannot locate where I put it at the moment, when I do, I will update with details.
I finished stitching "Needleworker" by Little House Needleworks
A Friend Loveth by Plum Street Samplers. Stitched for a very dear friend of mine. This was stitched on 32 count desert sand linen using sulky threads
A granny rectangle blanket I crocheted for my sweet daughter in the colors of her pet bird "Andy"
Some new pillowcases I sewed using the burrito method. Love those french seams inside! Love the fresh new look for our bedroom.
My husband and I recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary! Here's to us! I stitched Forever Love by Silver Creek Samplers on 32 count linen from Hobby Lobby using called for overdyed threads.
A small piece I stitched for us...because we do make a perfect pair! :)
Ive been working on All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana Designs. Im stitching this on 36 count vintage country mocha linen with one DMC thread over two.
My days are full of joy with my chickens,Harriet and Clarice and our wonderful cattle dog Ginger. We have recently added a sweet little Khaki Campbell baby duckling!
What a blessing to have a pair of bluebirds make a nest in our new bluebird house! It was so much fun watching the babies hatch and fledge right in our own backyard. Bluebirds bring happiness :)
My sweet husband put up a new clothesline for me! How blessed I am.
Thank you for stopping by, Last year was hard, but this year will be better, I just feel it! Grow old along with me, The best is yet to be, Louise xx

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Time and Season

One of my favorite scriptures from the Bible.
Time and Season Sampler by Moira Blackburn is finally completed!
Stitched on 32 count antique ivory Belfast linen with DMC threads.

This was a joy to stitch, but seemed to take much longer than anticipated!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019, a year of new beginnings!

It seemed as though this year went slow, but now I look back and it really did go by fast!
Lots of changes took place in our lives this year. All good ones.
We uprooted our little family and moved to the wonderful state of TN!
We found the perfect little home on five acres of land. Plenty of room to roam, and to raise more chickens!
It's been a real treat decorating, and making this home ours. My dear husband has been doing construction adding onto our home too. He always works so hard, and is such a perfectionist in all he does.

Our decision came pretty easily when we found out we were going to have another grandchild! We need to be closer to them, so we can love on them even more.

Andrew Thomas was born in October, and he is the sweetest little guy. We are so in love with our grandsons!

Of course, being Grammy, I had to make him some crochet blankets and a quilt too. The theme for his room is "Guess how much I love you"
Just love those bunnies!

Here are some of the projects I made for him:

One of the blankets was a crochet waffle weave. Something new I taught myself!

Some of the blankets I made for our new Grandson:

The special quilt I made for Andrew Thomas:

The cross stitched baby sampler for him (so sweet!), I found the pattern in a UK magazine, Cross Stitcher issue #250 March 2012 :

I've stitched something for myself, Father Christmas, by Willow Hill Samplings. Such a darling design!

I've also made some Scandinavian star ornaments for all the family:

My brother gifted me with two amazing vintage sewing boxes!

Our sweet Red Heeler Ginger, as well as Andy the bird,
were so patient through all the festivities!

I have plans for this upcoming year. I've ordered Attic 24's DK yarn pack from the UK. Cannot wait to get started on my sweet pea blankie!
Just look at these colors!!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New year, filled with all of God's blessings!

Louise xx

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another finish!

I can finally share another recent finish of mine.
This is a chart by Hands to Work.
It is part of A Most Noble Pursuit series of charts.
This was given as a gift to a very dear friend.
It was stitched on linen with DMC threads.
I laced and framed it myself, but did have a custom mat cut for the frame.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sunflower Charms by Blackbird Designs

I've finished stitching Sunflower Charms
By Blackbird Designs.
I used called for overdyed threads
And linen.
I like the look of this piece, but I love all things fall!

A needlework Finish

A finish! All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana Designs. Stitched with called for DMC threads on 36 count Vintage Country Mocha Edinb...