Sunday, January 8, 2012

Piece of my heart

A piece of my heart is gone. Just for a little while though. My husband travels from time to time with his job. He left again this morning for travels that take him far away from his family again. Although it seems we have gotten quite used to this (the kids adjust well)...really, I don't think I ever will.... I feel as if a part of my heart goes with him and is not whole again till he returns back home. I still cry when I hug him when he goes to leave! I don't want to let go.
I know it's not forever..but still... I want to keep him here with me! I will have to make sure I keep busy so the time will pass quickly till he arrives home again. I will count the minutes though till I am in his arms once again.

I have been exercising more with some power walking (fast walking)...trying to work up to every evening. I did a mile and a half last night. I am still losing pounds..a little at a time. Every pound is a success!
I am trying to get a little more creative with breakfast...this morning I had...
Egg beaters with spinach, broccoli, tomato, double fiber toast with peanut butter sprinkled with cinnamon.
Big glass of iced water :)
Lunch was a turkey burger with onions, tomato, lettuce and yellow mustard!
Not sure what I will have for dinner..but since I have found Dreamfields Pasta..I am surely loving it..It is a healthier pasta, and is so delicious!
I have been stitching up a little bit more on our Anniversary Sampler...this is my progress so far:
A little at a will get done eventually!
I had been searching for a beautiful chart and posted on a stitchers board in search of this one and someone helped me out...Thank you to Elaine in MI for sending me this chart!!! I LOVE this saying..especially with our son leaving for the Military soon...We give our children two is roots, the other is Wings...
This will be perfect stitched up and hanging in our new home.

I decided to pick up one of my guitars today...I am so rusty..I haven't played it in a very long time! I miss playing in church..I used to play at folk mass many moons ago. I think I need to start doing things that made me most happiest in days past.
We are such proud parents, our daughter received her midterm report card and she has made the honor roll! (again!) :) She did fantastic on all her midterm exams. Our daughter is such a blessing!!!

Well...I think that's all the news for now...The sun is shining brightly and it is a beautiful day here..
Remember to take one day at a time and to appreciate one thing at a time. Remember that sometimes good things are in the little things, not always in the big things!
ps.....the chicken at the top of the blog was one of my Dad's chicken's! He loved raising them.

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