Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Sampler

My most recent finish is something I stitched for my dear husband.
This is "Valentine Sampler" designed by The Goode Huswife.
I used DMC threads on 28 count evenweave.
I may frame this ..if I can find a frame suitable in size for it (I like to frame things myself..saves so much money!)
So glad I was able to get this done in time for him.

I may be winding floss the rest of the night to kit up "Roots and Wings"..I hope to start on that chart soon...but I still have so many other projects in the works. I may start a rotation soon so they all don't get neglected!

Sweet Dreams tonight,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Bunny Sampler Freebie

Everyone knows how much I love bunnies...well..while searching around the internet, I found a really cute bunny sampler freebie design!
Click the link and it will take you to a wonderful blog called "Feathers in the Nest"...once there, scroll down, and you will see the cute free cross stitch chart of a little bunny! I am so ready for Spring to about you? :)


Hope you like this sweet little bunny chart as much as I do!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doctor Visit, Stash

Well, I had my neurologist appointment today...
I told the doctor, since I have been eating well, exercising, not drinking diet sodas anymore (only drinking water or clear tea) no substitute sugars, lost 30 pounds...I have not had a migraine in a month and a half now!
He did say that some people have "triggers" and that can set off migraines. Well..two nights ago, I was really craving a sweet cup of hot tea. My husband made me a cup with two Splenda sweeteners in it. Well...the next day I had a headache..not a migraine..but a headache, that lasted into today..I had that nagging headache all day today.
Now, I was a BIG time Splenda user, and was faithful to drinking my diet colas (could drink a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi Max) every day. Yes, I am serious. Well...the doctor thinks that perhaps the substitute sugars could be setting me off.
Yes, I do feel that I am getting a little bit bored with the diet I have been on..and  I am trying to find ways to mix it up a little bit.
I am going to do some further research..but have been handed a list of "don't eat" foods from the doctor which is making it all the harder.
He says though I am on the right track.
He also said that stress can trigger migraines. He told me I have to try to calm any stress that came my way. is a Mom supposed to do that?? I wonder.....
Our family is in for some big changes in the next couple of months, and unless I ignore what is about to happen, HA! well, that isn't going to happen....I guess, I will grin and bare it all. I will make things happen in a positive way, and I know that God will get me through everything that our family will be needing to get through soon.
It will be very exciting things to come...I will tell you all soon..but just can't yet! :)
It is all good and happy things though...
but in the midst of all the new things happening, will be all the feelings of letting our son leave the nest also for the military.
Sooo...My mind swirls with so many thoughts and so many things to think about.
I have to try and stay calm, relax and enjoy each and every moment in this time for now.
The doctor said to keep a food diary (which I am doing)..and when I do get a headache, migraine, or just plain ole' headache, to think of what I had eaten previously, maybe I can figure out what a trigger might be for me...

Guess what?!!!!
It just happened that the cross stitch shop was right across the street from the doctors office! Ha! What do you know......
Here is what I came home with! lol

Sampler of the Season "Autumn" With thy Needle & Thread
"Singing the Blues" Little House Needleworks
Crescent Colors Tartan Plaid, Cupid
The Gentle Art Oatmeal

Soooo...going to the doctor today, well, it really wasn't so bad a trip after all!
I just finished baking a homemade coffee cake for new neighbors that moved in around the block...time to make the glaze, and quickly run it over to their house to surprise them before the night gets too late!

have a nice night everyone,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Very Bradley Purse, Vintage Jewelry Finds

I was out and about today, needed to pick up some more avocados for me and my son. We are totally addicted to them! They are so delicious!! I met one of my neighbors in the store, we chatted up a bit, then headed on my way to pick my daughter up from school for an appointment she had to make. Before leaving the shopping center..I couldn't help myself..I HAD to stop at my favorite second hand shop! It is called "Plato's Closet" :)
I am so glad I did...I like old time looking jewelry..and although most of the jewelry that I find there is costume like is more modern..but sometimes, you can get very lucky, like I did today! YAY! :)

This is what I found....

First a bracelet..very pretty, with stones in it..It is goldtone and has pretty flowers between the stones. It was only three dollars..when I got home..the clasp did not work..but my sweet husband fixed it. He is so wonderful!
The next piece of jewelry was a real FIND! I didn't even come to know it fully until I had gotten home.
I liked the colors in the stones, purple and turquoise, sort of hard to tell in the pictures..but oh so pretty! This piece is a necklace. When I had come home I looked at it more closely..the little metal tag reads "NAPIER"..this is a very nice piece of costume jewelry from a company no longer in existence! I have a piece of history! The mark "Napier" in block has been used since 1922 until its sale in the late 1980's to another company. When the company was sold in the late 1980's to "Victoria & Co.", they used the name "Napier" but in script, not in block writing on the jewelry. The Napier company was closed by Victoria & Co. in October of 1999.
Here is my find, my piece of "NAPIER" jewelry with it's original "block" style writing on the tag..I have a vintage piece..and would you believe what it cost? FOUR Dollars!!! :) (if you click on the photo, it will enlarge and you can see the Napier tag with block style writing)
As you browse through Plato's closet..there are many second hand goodies you might like to take home...there are books, clothes, jewelry, handbags, and yes, even Vera Bradley purses! Some are worn, but sometimes you can find some in very decent shape at very reasonable prices.
Here are two I have found most recently..not sure if I had posted them previously..but here they are:
As you can see, they are in pretty nice shape. I have always wanted the red bandana colored one..and it is a nice shoulder bag style..for a price of $12 it was totally in my budget for a treat the day I treated myself! The pink and green tote is perfect for my small stitching projects..I think I picked this tote up for $14.
When there is such a great second hand shop to visit, sometimes it is worth checking there first before buying new!
Now, onto stitching!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The First Gift (and more stuff)....

First I want to say "thank you"..Some of you commented on my last post and it truly warmed my heart. I know that I am not the only one in this world that has grown up with hardships..I know somehow we all do learn to get past them and move on with our lives. I am thankful that at the age of 18 I met my wonderful dear sweet husband. He is the greatest blessing to me! I am so glad he is now back home again from being away on a business trip. I have missed him so much!
Now..onto what the title of this post is about...I came across something that my husband gave to me when we first began dating. You see, I loved turtles back then...well, actually, I still do..I had quite a collection going in my teen years! Soooo..yes, a turtle lover was I! :)
My husband was in the Navy and I was head over heels in love with him from the moment I first laid my eyes on him. I would see him for a weekend...and then he would leave for the Navy again. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder..well, yes it does! In the beginning of our courtship, he was home on a weekend for the end of the weekend, he handed me a small box...he told me to open it after he was gone. It was a surprise! I couldn't wait to open that box!
Look what was inside....
It is a tiny little pewter turtle! I was so excited that he picked this out on his own just for ME! :)
I have kept it in safe keeping all these years...I just took it out and held it closed up in my hands and asked him if he remembered the first gift he ever gave me...and he looked at me and said "of course I do, it's a little turtle right?"! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! :)
Now..onto other things...
I had a nice day out today with stitching friends. We celebrated my friend Avona's birthday with lunch, then joined in a stitching get together . I worked on an old a little more done on my Harriet Wool Whimsy Bunny! Too cute!
 I have started another stitchery called "The Valentine Sampler" by the Goode Huswife. It is coming along nicely! Just in time for Valentines Day:
I have had much trouble seeing while I stitch lately. I had gone for an eye checkup..and I do wear contact lenses..but the eyes are starting to get old I guess..I do have bifocal contacts..but I still would like to stitch on very small count linens and even weave fabrics... I took the advice of my stitching friends and stopped off at the local Dollar Tree for a pair of magnifying eyeglasses (just for stitching) and a necklace to put them on..not bad for two bucks! I do hope it will help me to see the tiny little x's I want to stitch!
Between the contacts and the magnifying glasses..I should now be set (I hope!)...

I look forward to a night relaxing with my family (so thrilled my hubby is now back home with us)..and I will spend the night stitching away!! WOOHOOO!!

Ps....I am down 30 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


One word, with such big meaning. Truth.
The truth is I am an adult child of an alcoholic. Yes. I grew up the daughter of an alcoholic mother.
No, this is not the path I would have chosen for myself in this wondrous and beautiful life I have been given here on earth.
Yes, it hurts. I live with this thought all the time. You see, I never had the relationship I have always dreamed of having with my mom. While other girls had fun shopping with their mom's, going to lunch, having fun..I felt alone. I felt unloved. Although, I guess in her own way, she loved the best she knew how. She did try to do her best. Appearance was very important to her. She sewed dresses for me, baked cookies for school..but, yet..the love I needed, I felt I didn't have. During my teen years, well, that was the worst. She was very critical of me. I never felt I was good enough. I was always trying to please her.
I was always trying to protect my younger siblings. Holidays were hard. The drinking was heavy, the yelling was hard to take, although, it seemed as though we had gotten used to it, we really didn't.
We would always be scorned and treated like children even as adults.
I made a promise to myself and I swore that I would NEVER become this way to my own children, for they deserved so much more than this. If I were to bring children into the world, which were a blessing from GOD, they would be nurtured, loved and protected, whatever the cost.
My children come first. It still hurts to see women with their now aging mom's having such a wonderful relationship and spending time together. I have no relationship with my mother. I can't.
It just wasn't meant to be.
My children recently met their grandmother after all these years..our son now 21, our daughter 16...
After their son hugged me that night, realizing what I had been going through all these years..he told me that he loved me and that he was happy that "I" was "His" Mother. He saw how she was, no words were needed. :( It just breaks my heart.
It hurts.
It is easy for people to say to go on, forget about it, still is live through an experience growing up with this is not DOES affect you. It does leave scars.
I have had friends that I had to cut out of my life because of their actions towards me...reminds me too much of my mom. I have made other promises to myself that if anyone in the future hurts me in any way, I have to let them go. I need to take care of me from now on.
I am too important of a person.
I know I am blessed, and I know that I was put into my family that I grew up in for a reason..I am still not sure why..but there must have been a reason.
I have prayed so much over the years for my mother's healing, but she doesn't seem to want to heal herself.
I am sorry for that.
Life goes on.
I hear that my mom is still the same. Drinking and very demeaning..but I am not in her life so she cannot do that to me anymore..
She is now 71 years old and nothing has changed.
I don't understand how someone could choose alcohol over their family or anything else for that matter.
What makes alcohol so much more important than relationships?
I guess I will never understand.
It wrecks so many things..relationships, families, love, ......


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Piece of my heart

A piece of my heart is gone. Just for a little while though. My husband travels from time to time with his job. He left again this morning for travels that take him far away from his family again. Although it seems we have gotten quite used to this (the kids adjust well)...really, I don't think I ever will.... I feel as if a part of my heart goes with him and is not whole again till he returns back home. I still cry when I hug him when he goes to leave! I don't want to let go.
I know it's not forever..but still... I want to keep him here with me! I will have to make sure I keep busy so the time will pass quickly till he arrives home again. I will count the minutes though till I am in his arms once again.

I have been exercising more with some power walking (fast walking)...trying to work up to every evening. I did a mile and a half last night. I am still losing pounds..a little at a time. Every pound is a success!
I am trying to get a little more creative with breakfast...this morning I had...
Egg beaters with spinach, broccoli, tomato, double fiber toast with peanut butter sprinkled with cinnamon.
Big glass of iced water :)
Lunch was a turkey burger with onions, tomato, lettuce and yellow mustard!
Not sure what I will have for dinner..but since I have found Dreamfields Pasta..I am surely loving it..It is a healthier pasta, and is so delicious!
I have been stitching up a little bit more on our Anniversary Sampler...this is my progress so far:
A little at a will get done eventually!
I had been searching for a beautiful chart and posted on a stitchers board in search of this one and someone helped me out...Thank you to Elaine in MI for sending me this chart!!! I LOVE this saying..especially with our son leaving for the Military soon...We give our children two is roots, the other is Wings...
This will be perfect stitched up and hanging in our new home.

I decided to pick up one of my guitars today...I am so rusty..I haven't played it in a very long time! I miss playing in church..I used to play at folk mass many moons ago. I think I need to start doing things that made me most happiest in days past.
We are such proud parents, our daughter received her midterm report card and she has made the honor roll! (again!) :) She did fantastic on all her midterm exams. Our daughter is such a blessing!!!

Well...I think that's all the news for now...The sun is shining brightly and it is a beautiful day here..
Remember to take one day at a time and to appreciate one thing at a time. Remember that sometimes good things are in the little things, not always in the big things!
ps.....the chicken at the top of the blog was one of my Dad's chicken's! He loved raising them.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I wish all of you a New Year filled with many wonderful blessings, good health, and happiness.
This is going to be a very important and eventful year for us.
So much lies ahead!! I know God has plans for us, and he is always protecting us, we have full faith in him. He has always guided us and know our future is in his hands.
We will take one day at a time and know that everything will be ok because we always have faith!
Looking forward to a wonderful 2012!!!
God Bless all of you,