Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday things

I have been busy working on some little projects.
Thought I might post some updates.
I have found this new fabric for stitching, and just love it! It is called "Dirty Linen"
Here are some of my ongoing projects:
Sweet Little Berries by Little House Needleworks

Another design I have added more stitches to:
Harriet Wool Whimsy by Heart In Hand

We started our morning off with church. The mass was wonderful.
The priest asked if we could pray about all that is happening in Japan.
They took up a collection today for the Japanese people and will send it to them.
If you can help in any way, even with prayers, I know how much this would mean to these people. You can check out your local churches, or look online.

God Bless everyone in Japan, and may God watch over them. I pray things will soon get better for them.


  1. Your starts are looking good. Are they being stitched on 'Dirty Linen'?

  2. Yes, thank you!
    They are on dirty linen. I love it! :)


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