Saturday, August 21, 2010

This and That

I have decided I would like to make an attempt at doing the Raggedy Ann block of the month that the Painted Quilt is offering. (See button on the right side bar if interested!). It really is an adorable quilt..and everyone knows how much I love Ann and Andy. :)
I do not have a light box big enough for tracing, so made do with what I do have access to, and that is a nice bright window! It works! I used packing tape to hold the pattern to the window while I trace the design onto the fabric I purchased. I decided to go with a Kona cotton in place of muslin.
I have yet to pick out my quilt type fabrics for the blocks that will be placed around the design.
I have picked out the DMC cotton thread to backstitch the pattern and decided I like the darker red number 815 best! :)I am considering making the quilt all red and white..but we shall see...
I found out about this BOM (block of the month) a little late, so I am behind now, but that's ok. I just hope I can stick with it!
My husband is going to build me a sewing room, and I cannot wait! I haven't had a sewing room for many years now, and I know it is going to be worth the wait. Finally a place to organize all my stash again. We still have so many things to unpack, but it is so good to be back home again.

Our new Parakeet "Misty" has settled in nicely. Our cockatiel "Andy" is not lonely anymore! They really hit it off very well. Misty loves snuggling up to Andy. It is quite a sight to see! They really adore each other. Misty preens Andy, and he just loves it. We were surprised how well they took to each other, as they are different breeds of birds.

Yesterday we attended a reception line that was many miles long down a major road in our city. It was to welcome home a HERO! Corporal Tyler Southern, a wounded marine returned home from duty in Afghanistan. It brought tears to all of our eyes. He had lost both of his legs and one arm by an IED explosion.
He returned home for his 21st birthday this weekend.
Many people lined the streets, with flags, balloons, and wore red, white and blue.
I think all of our military should be welcomed home in this manner. We are so blessed to have our freedom here in America, and they help fight for our freedom.
Thank you to all our military!

I wish you all a weekend full of Blessings,

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