Monday, August 30, 2010

Older and Louder!

What a start to my morning!
I have just come to realize the older I get, the more outspoken I am becoming. :)
I have really surprised myself this morning!
You will probably be surprised when you hear what I did early this morning before 7:30am.

I drove my daughter to school. After I dropped her off and as I begun my drive back home I was thinking of all the things I had to get done today.
I was approaching a major intersection, but before that major intersection there is a railroad crossing.
There was a bit of traffic being that it was early morning, school time, people going to work, etc..

The light up ahead was red, and I noticed ahead of me some people were stuck sitting in their cars on the railroad tracks. I was thinking, "gee, I wouldn't want to be in that position if the train all of a sudden was starting to come down the tracks"!

The traffic started to creep forward a bit.
I then decided to stay back (any normal person would wait till the light turned green to go over the tracks and for room to be clear of the tracks on the other side!)
There was not enough room ahead of me for me to go forward yet with my car to be fully over the railroad tracks.

Then, all of a sudden, the car behind me started beeping their horn at me to go!
Where was I going I thought? Did my car have wings?
Was I Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
Was I a magician? Believe me, if I was Harry Houdini, I would make myself slip out of that line of traffic and be home already! :P

I wouldn't budge! Then, the light turned green, but not long enough for too many cars ahead to go through..I was able to move forward past the train tracks and then sit at the I sat there I thought to myself and started to steam...
I thought to myself..
"Does this person actually think they themselves would sit on a train track, just so the person behind them could inch up a little bit with their car?"
What would be the gain?

I couldn't stand it no longer...I opened up my car door (the light was still red)
and I jumped out! The lady behind me looked a little surprised.
I started to approach her car. She was dressed in her nursing uniform, lighting up a cigarette. (interesting)..
I kindly (even though I was so upset!) spoke to her.
This is what I said..

"There was no need for you to beep your horn at me, first of all the light ahead of us was RED. I did not want to get stuck on the train tracks sitting there"

She replied..
"The bars would come down if a train was coming"!!

I replied...
"Yes, they would, that is EXACTLY why I would not want to move forward with cars stopped in front of me and I would be sitting on the you understand what I am saying?"

She replied...
"yes, I understand" she smoked her cigarette and just stared at me!

I replied again..
"There was no need to beep your horn at me"!

Then I walked away.

She did not apologize, nothing.


Well, at least I felt better , and I did my thing!


I came home, made myself an egg sandwich and having my diet pepsi and now I feel better!

Wishing you all blessings today,

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  1. I feel for you. I can imagine blowing my top as well. But these days, you just never know what some crazy driver might do. Luckily that woman just stared. Probably would be better to just scream inside your own car when this happens. Glad you're feeling better now.


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