Friday, October 30, 2009


My daughter is reading a book for school by Robert Peck, "A day no pigs would die".
Her teacher is having the class do many projects that would go along with this book.
Posters, power point presentations, oral reports...(the list never ends!)
And also, a model was to be made of a pig.
A brochure is due on Monday about the life of a Butcher, she managed to get that done tonight. She finished the Powerpoint project tonight also, that will be due on Wednesday next week. I am glad, was worried she wouldn't have fun on Halloween tomorrow.
I was impressed how my daughter knew so much about powerpoint!
The pig is adorable. We will package him up in a tidy little box to be shipped off to school on Monday.
I never knew that American Yorkshire Pigs were actually white in color, not pink!
But, they do have a pink hue to them....
The movie "Babe" Featured an American Yorkshire pig.
They are quite cute :)


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