Friday, October 2, 2009

Comfort Caps

I have been busy sewing.
I have been making comfort caps for a friend of a friend.
Another person who has found out she has breast cancer :(
I wanted to do something special for her, and thought this might help just a little bit.
I like to sew and thought I would put my machine to some use again.
I have found a great pattern here
Comfort Cap and Instructions

If you click on that link, the instructions and download are at the bottom of that page.

They really are quite simple, and the caps can be made up really fast too.

I decided to make three of them.
You should use a knit type fabric. I used Tshirts from Michaels craft store.
(psst!, they are going on sale this weekend, starting Sunday October 4th - Two Tshirts for Five Dollars!)

I cut one part of the pattern out of the front of the Tshirt, and the other part of the pattern out of the back of the Tshirt.
I purchased an Xtra Large Tshirt for an adult sized comfort cap.

I found the breast cancer ribbon pin at the register while I was checking out.

I do hope someday, someone will find a cure for cancer and that eventually no one will ever have to endure this terrible illness. It takes away too many loved ones, many of them much too young.



  1. Just goes to show how big a heart you have Louise! Your cap will most definetly bring comfort to your friend in need. Prayers to all who are suffering.

  2. HI,
    The comfort hats you made came out really pretty. I hope one day there is a cure for cancer bye Lizette


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