Monday, April 21, 2008

Goodwill Find!

I just got in from Goodwill. I could not believe what I found there as I was about to walk out!
This beautiful dish set. It is the most gorgeous set I have ever seen...the design is so "ME"!!
It is not a full complete set, but enough that I just had to purchase it. It was calling my name. :)
I already put some of the dishes on a plate rack on my dining room wall..they look perfect in there!
I am so excited with my find.....
I just LOVE Goodwill sometimes!


  1. Louise, I absolutely LOVE your dishes!! I think we might have the same tastes...I would be thrilled with such a discovery, as well.

  2. the dish is cute. Maybe you can find more of them online, ebay maybe.


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