Monday, April 28, 2008

Amish piece

This is a small design from Told In A Garden.
This is my newest completed cross stitch.

Someone just pointed out that I had stitched two letter "i"'s in this piece.
How come I didn't see that!
I will have to do some frogging and fix that right away.

I guess it shows that I am only human, and we do make mistakes sometimes :)


  1. It looks great, even with two i's. Just say you were following Amish tradition, by putting a mistake in your work. LOL

  2. It looks great! I love TIAG

    Enjoy reading your blog. look forward to your posts :)

  3. It is beautiful! Which chart is that from?

  4. This is from TIAG (Told In A Garden)Bookmark Collection :)

  5. Oh cool. I have that one. i thought it looked familiar. LOL.

  6. I once stitched a Precious Moments cross stitch piece for my best friend's 25th anniversary. As I was stitching the y in the word happy I could not for the life of me figure out why the letter did not appear to be in the correct position on the piece I was stitching compared to the chart. It wasn't until I picked the piece up from the framer who asked if having 3 p's in the word happy was some kind of private joke between my friend and I that I realized my mistake. I was upset with myself but since it was already framed there was no point in fixing it. It wasn't until a few days after I gave it to my friend that she noticed my spelling error. She called me and just laughed about it and told me that it made it "unique." To this day, her DH still asks me if I have learned to spell happy yet. LOL


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