Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caron Cakes!

The Caron Yarn Company is celebrating
100 years, and have created Caron Cakes for this exciting event!
It is exclusive to Michaels craft stores at the moment. I had to go there to see what the buzz was all about and I'm so glad I did!
The yarn is so beautiful and soft!
It comes in so many pretty colors.
It is a blend of 80 percent acrylic, 20 percent wool.
It is hand wash only, lay flat to dry (which could be a drawback if you want to make a really big project)...

I did purchase some, the color I chose was cherry chip! Such pretty pinks and a brown color that transition so nicely from one color to the next .
I decided to make a double crochet lap blanket for myself for road trips. I always like to keep a Blanket on me in the car , especially when the air conditioning can become a bit chilly on long trips. 
I used just under four of these Caron Cake skeins for this project. *****(Approximately 3 1/2 skeins!)*****
They are $7.99 each at regular price... But there were sales, and you can also use those 40 percent off Michaels coupons! I made a couple of trips and took a friend with me to buy two at a time with two coupons! 
I am very happy with my new blanket,
It came out so pretty! 
It's so nice to have one just for "me" for a change. :)
Here are some pictures to show you just how pretty this new yarn works up!

Such yummy colors indeed!! This will also be the perfect little couch blanket to snuggle up with a cup of tea or cocoa on chilly nights. I'm so glad I made this!
My completed blanket measures 42w x 45 1/2 L (inches!)

***Edited to add directions for this 2 double crochet design blanket I made with Caron Cakes Yarn, as I have received many requests! :) ********

****please use hand written notes at the bottom! I chained 112 to make this lap blanket, along with a size "K" hook

I've not started either of those two cross stitch designs from the previous post... I changed my mind (surprise surprise! Haha!) 
I have chosen a Notforgotton Farm design called "Spring Farm" to stitch.
It just called to me suddenly.
I am stitching it on 32 count vintage country mocha linen with DMC and Victoria Motto Sampler Threads.
I am trying something new for the first time. I am stitching with one strand of thread instead of two.
I am loving it so far!
It is so fine and small looking, it's hard to fully describe how beautiful it truly looks. It seems like the coverage is ok for now, I believe because the linen count is small enough.

Thought you might like to see my embroidery scissor collection! Some ginghers, some of them are scissors that I inherited from my late uncle. He used to tie fly's for fishing. Although not considered embroidery scissors, I think they might be even better, and sharper too!!

My finds at goodwill the other day...
A spotted hen for .25 cents, and two bunny tea light candle holders for just a dollar each! 

Their is a bit of a chill in the air today, and so glad for it!! It has been way too hot here in NC! Looking forward to cooler weather and the Fall.
I baked an apple pie for my dear husband last night...

My daughter wants to try pumpkin Cheerios... So I will be on the hunt for that this week. I will also be baking today for the bake sale at church to help with their fundraiser. Perhaps I will make chocolate chip cookies.
I am now making scarves for our crochet ministry. These scarves go to ill patients in the hospital. It is such a nice feeling to know we are doing something to comfort those in need. Here is my latest scarf..

I made a purple one before this one... They work up pretty quickly using the "V" stitch ...

I am happy that today I am feeling well. I have been very ill lately suffering weekly migraines and have been absolutely suffering for days on end. 
I don't know what each day will
Bring but try to remain positive and know God is with me always.
I know that along with very bad days, I will be blessed with good ones too.

I think today I will get out some of my Fall decorations, as I just cannot wait, and it's my favorite time of year!
I wish you all a blessed day ❤️

Louise xx


  1. These Caron Cakes look gorgeous. A very colourful blanket that you made.

    1. Thank you so very much Brigitte! 💜

  2. What a beautiful yarn you used to create your blanket! The scarves look lovely, Louise. I look forward to seeing your WIP take shape. Hmmm, pumpkin Cheerios; will need to look for them. Hope your migraines lessen for you! Thinking of you!

    1. Thank you Robin, thank you also for stopping in again ! 💕

  3. Beautiful stitching and your crochet is lovely too. Very pretty colors the Caron Cakes are. Blessings

  4. Is there a pattern for you blanket that you can share?

    1. I have just added a picture that shows directions to this post. Enjoy! 💜

  5. Do you have a pattern you can share for this blanket. So pretty!

    1. Directions were added to this post for the blanket I made. Enjoy! 💕

  6. Can you share the pattern for the Caron Cakes pattern? i am looking for one!

    1. I have added the directions to my post for the blanket I made. Enjoy! 😀💜

  7. Can you tell me how many Caron Cakes you used to make the Caron Cake blanket?

    1. Hi Faith,
      I used approximately 3 and a half Caron Cakes. Hope this helps!
      Thanks for stopping by, Louise xx

  8. I was just curious what size crochet hook you used with the Caron cake?

    1. Hi there..I believe I used a size K

  9. How big did the lap blanket end up being? Love the colours btw

    1. Hi Cassandra, thank you for stopping by!
      My completed blanket measures
      42w x 45 1/2 L


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