Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Another quick post as I'm out and about today.
I've finished another donation blanket for a veteran through our church ministry. Yay! I hope the recipient can feel all the love and prayers that are intertwined with each stitch as this blanket was made. I think it came out nicely :)

In the meantime, now that that one is finished.... I have started another!
This new one is a granny rectangle...

I have been stitching a bit more on "love never fails" by Barbara Ana Designs. 

Her dress will be quite detailed, and I can see already I am dragging along to get my stitches in! This is for our 30th wedding anniversary which was in April. I never did finish our 25th piece I started. lol! I truly hope this too doesn't fall by the wayside. I don't think so though,
I just love this one way too much! The folk art style is so charming! It will get done... One stitch at a time!

I think we planted our garden too late in the season... This is all I have harvested so far....
Our wildflowers from seed seem to be growing well! They are very pretty too :)
have been learning some new things about my sewing machine and I hope to learn more with these new additions I recently picked up..
I have been watching YouTube videos and hoping to become more knowledgeable about my machine.
I recently sewed some American flags. They were so much fun! No pattern, just did my own thing.
I even made some as topper curtains! :)
Since putting our pond in, the frogs are running ramped here. We are being over run by them, and that's ok! We love the sound at night when they are croaking. They are all so happy! 
We have been seeing a lot of tree frogs too. Some blend right in to their surroundings  as you can see by this picture I took of one of them on a rock in our backyard.
I laughed when I saw one on the glass by our front door one evening :)

This isn't a clear picture, but momma wren made another nest on our back porch and we have babies for the second time this season! She has the babies in a potted plant :)
I couldn't get a good picture as I didn't want to upset momma bird. 
Well I think that's my updates for now. I hope you all had a nice 4th of July.
Have a great week ahead!
Louise xx