Friday, April 22, 2016

30th Wedding Anniversary!

We recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Could not have thought of a better way to celebrate than to be with our daughter, our Son, and our Daughter in love. We took a wonderful trip to visit them in their new home. It was a wonderful get away for us, and we had a most enjoyable time. We spent time on the shore, went to some antique shops, and enjoyed spending time with each other. Here is a wonderful vintage cookie jar I found in one of the antique shops, for only eight dollars! 

We had lots of fun with our Son's new puppy Elmer. He is so cute! 

Our Son and his wife had a wonderful anniversary cake for us also. Such a nice surprise! 

We truly didn't want to leave. I love when our family is all together again. I miss the way it used to be. Military life makes things so hard. Four years down... Hopefully the next couple of years goes quickly for our Son. Looking forward to the day when his time is done serving, we are so proud of him. There have certainly been too many missed holidays, birthdays, and special moments. It's very hard on the family who misses him so much! 
Once we arrived back home, the following weekend my husband and I went to a beautiful primitive shop. It was a beautiful day out and it was so much fun! If you haven't been to Nan Brook Farms Primitives in Lincolnton NC, it is well worth the trip. It is decorated so wonderfully, and is prim full of goodies to browse over. I was introduced to the artwork of Susan Daul, and fell in love with her prints! My husband surprised me by getting one of her beautiful numbered and signed fraktur prints for our anniversary. The saying on this print is near and dear to my heart. I have always loved the words "grow old along with me, the best is yet to be!"  Here is the beautiful print he purchased for me at this shop: 

...It will be proudly displayed in our home. Susan Daul lives right here in NC! She is so incredibly talented. I took a bunch of pictures with permission from the shop, so you can get a feel for how truly wonderful it is. This way, you get your own little picture tour through me, although it really is so much better to go in person, I promise! ( I could have stayed at this shop all day... It is so beautiful!)

My dear sweet husband surprised me with a dozen roses, and took me out for a romantic dinner. How did I ever get so lucky! I love him so much! I would marry him all over again. I look forward to the next thirty years with this amazing man!

We are truly blessed indeed!
Louise xx


  1. Louise, happy anniversary wishes to you and your husband. Your trip to the shore and time spent with family sounded fabulous. Your outing to the primitives/antiques shop looked great. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary:) Goodness that antique shop looks so inviting, I could spend the whole day browsing too! Thanks for sharing so many pictures. I always love reading your blog Louise<3

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your son and DIL's dog is sweet :) Love the beach photo and the prim shop!


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