Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I recently celebrated a wonderful milestone in my life. I turned 50 years old! How blessed I am! What an amazing journey my life has been so far and I know God had planned everything from the beginning. I look forward to another 50 years, I am truly blessed indeed!!
I decided to stitch a special sampler to commemorate this special milestone. This is a bonus pattern by Blackbird Designs, loose Feathers, Anniverseries of the heart, Pattern 12. The leaflet is titled Elizabeth Jane, but I did not stitch the cover pattern, I stitched the bonus pattern included in this leaflet, it is titled "for those recorded here". I used my own colors of choosing and personalized it to mark my milestone. I love it! 

I did blur my last name and town for safety measures. I just loved using colors of purples, greens, and yellows!
My birthday was a wonderful celebration. My husband made me a special gift. I had asked for a special display quilt ladder to put my quilts on. He made a gorgeous 7 foot tall ladder with 6 round dowel rungs. He stained and sealed it. It is beautiful!! 

I was so surprised to receive the most beautiful flowers from our wonderful Son!!! 
What a special delivery! I miss him so much. 

We went out for a wonderful birthday meal! 

We almost had to call the fire department in... I insisted on 50 candles!! Hehe :)
It took three of us to light the cake!
We needed two cakes with so many candles!!
I received so many phone calls, texts, cards, gifts, packages, it was amazing!!
I even was given a new beta fish!! Thank you Suzan! 

So many wonderful gifts!

Some new charts from my dear friend Suzan! Country Cottage Sampler by Moira Blackburn

Stars and Stripes by Brenda Gervais

A gift card from sweet Jane to stitches N Things, a gift card from my neighbor Judy for Brighton, along with an embroidered towel. My friend Denise sent me the most wonderful devotional book, jewelry, candy and notepad.... Family sent me a Brighton watch, necklace, earrings, Volland reproduction raggedy Andy doll and book, light up turtle, Marianna sent an amazing Alex and Ani bracelet , Suzan, is always so sweet to me, so many wonderful things, even a birthday cake! Most things are pictured but not everything. 

The most wonderful surprise was a gift from my husband. He presented me with the most beautiful stand of pearls and earrings to match. I love him so much. He is always so good to me. He made sure my birthday was extra special even though he had to work so hard all day. He is such a wonderful man, I love him so!!!❤️

It truly was a most wonderful celebration of 50 years of my life. I know how richly God has blessed me over these past fifty years. I look forward to seeing where he leads me in the next fifty years to come. Although I wish our little family could have been together for my milestone, and I do miss our Son terribly, not a day goes by that I don't think of him, but in my heart I am so very proud of him for serving our country. I look forward to the day we can be together as a family again. 
Happy 50th birthday to me! :)

Louise xx