Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beautiful Day Number 85!

Hello and happy 85th day of this year !
I am keeping up with making one mini granny square a day for each day of the year. I started with purples because I love purple so much! I have added greens and yellows now too. I think this looks good, and sort of reminds me of pansy colors. Just love pansies!

I have finally finished a long time Piece called "Briar Rabbit" by Lori Markovick of La D Da designs. I love this bunny , so very sweet! Someone noticed I had four stitches left to put in, I did that after my picture I took ;) isn't it darling! Everyone knows how much I love my bunnies ❤️

Took a drive today, and was happy to see the cows are out grazing on this beautiful day! I love where I live :)

I snapped a picture of our sweet bird Andy as he was eating. He is such a cutie! What a messy eater though. He is a very sweet hand tamed bird who loves kisses, and has amazing whistling talents. You can see his videos on Facebook. His page is called "Andy The Bird". Be prepared to be very entertained by this feathered love :)

I hope you are all enjoying this splendid day!
Louise xx


  1. Beautiful stitches and lovely projects xx

  2. Yes, the colours of your little granny squares really remind me of pansies. You have made a great collection these squares so far. And so wonderful to see the Briar Rabbit finished. It's a very lovely design.


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