Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn has arrived!

My favorite season is here! I just love this time of year. The cool crisp air, the smell of goodies baking in the oven, seeing all the pumkins around town... Oh just to take it all in!
I have already baked an apple pie....
And oh! It is soooo delicious!! But I need to stop eating so much of the goodies and start working out on my treadmill... I will be starting today as it just arrived . No more walking outside worrying about stray dogs and weather! I have no excuses now!
I have been stitching more on my Harriet Elizabeth Coe by Brenda Gervais.. Here is where I am at..
I am absolutely in love with this piece!! I truly love sitting with my tea and stitching every chance I get on this design. Sooo enjoyable!
With the Fall upon us now a new member has entered our family. I had a choice of colors and that was quite a difficult decision .. I chose black. Although I liked the cinnamon red, I felt safe going with a color that would blend with any decor changes I made in my kitchen. Here she is!
A new professional series 6 qt kitchen aide stand mixer. These are by far the greatest mixers to work with. (In my opinion) I had a smaller version in white that was 24 years old and just now part of a knob broke off (just a little plastic piece)... But it was still running after 24 years!! They are pretty much workhorses. They may seem expensive but when they last that many years, well, you surely are getting your money's worth.
I had some visitors in our yard recently. Praying mantis! Interesting little bugs... Or should I say big bugs!

We celebrated our daughters 19th birthday! Our daughter is such a blessing to us.

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall Season! Happy Baking!


  1. Oh it's my favourite time of year! I wish I lived nearby so I could come and share your pie lol. Looks lovely. Beautiful stitching too. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Wow she has suddenly grown up! x

  2. Autumn-my favorite time as well:) Beautiful stitching, delicious & pretty looking pie. Good for you on your new mixer and treadmill too! I'm trying to do a better job on walking also, have for 2 1/2 months faithfully. I am really starting to ponder once the weather really changes, I want to stick with it outside for as long as I can though. I do have an older, still working pretty well, treadmill...we will see how it holds up for me.

  3. Oh my, this apple pie is looking so yummy. And you made some nice progress on your sampler, it has such beautiful colours.


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