Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stitching Finishes hooray!

Been busy working on some small pieces. I was thumbing through an old magazine of Just Cross Stitch issue May/June 1986 and came across this lovely design called "The Sewing Sampler" by Margaret & Margaret Inc.
I just knew I had to stitch it when I saw a verse taken from the bible, Ecclesiastes 3:7
I stitched this piece on 32 count linen with Anchor threads

I truly enjoyed working on this piece and there is another design called "The Needles Prayse" in this same issue that I would love to stitch also. 
Here is the picture of Needle's Prayse to be found in this issue... Love, love, LOVE it! I love Samplers! I think I have gone Sampler mad! :P

I am so glad someone gifted me with all these old magazines, they are a treasure trove filled with old sampler designs!

I have also finished another piece titled "The Sampler House" by Brenda Gervais.
Have I told you how much I love her designs? Well I do!! I have quite a few of her designs on my wish list. Such a talented designer! 
Here is my finished piece, stitched on 28 count Evenweave with DMC and Anchor threads:
I was gifted with a cute Heinzit chart with charms from my sweet stitching friend Teal. How appropriate! Here is my finished piece for my son. Stitched on
28 count Evenweave with DMC

I added the stitched anchors because the chart didn't have any. Love the way this came out! Will proudly display it in my Sons room. ❤️⚓️
Thank you Teal!
I did some baking of Irish Soda Bread yesterday. The house smelled so yummie as the bread was quite yummie too!
I must make the traditional corned beef and cabbage for Saint Patricks Day..although I am not Irish, my husband is :)
Any reason to bake and I'm in!!
I made four nice sized loaves. I use the same recipe every year and it never fails me. It is so delicious!

You can find the recipe on my recipe blog. Just look on the right side of my blog and click the link with the picture of the little girl for the recipe blog.
I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. We are supposed to have wonderful weather today.
Blessings to you,
Louise xx


  1. Amazing how some the designs can stand the test of time. Love your finishes. Happy stitching....

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for the sweet comments. It really is true, sometimes the oldest designs are best! :)

  2. I also love my old magazines, and I mean the really old ones. Whenever I leaf through them I find something nice that I want to stitch. Your little sampler looks great.And so does your new Brenda Gervais finish. Very lovely pieces. Your son will love the Navy piece.

    1. Hi Brigitte,
      Thank you for your sweet comments, means so much to me! I love your name, that was my Father in Laws Mothers name. :) I am so glad I kept all my old day I saw them in a big trash pile before moving. My husband almost threw them all out. He did not know they were my treasured stitching magazines! Imagine that! OOOOH!

  3. Hi Louise, I just wanted to let you know I stopped by to read your blog this evening and to see how you are doing. You may remember me from 123. I don't visit there as much anymore since I took up scrapbooking 5 years ago. I love all the projects you have done. I hope you are doing well.


  4. Hello Christel!
    So nice to see you once again. Yes, I do remember you. I hope you are doing well. I am glad to see you come by my blog, it made me smile! Thank you for taking the time to visit me here! <3


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