Sunday, February 16, 2014

SNOW and Stitching ❤️

Hello again, it's me!
Well an amazing amount of snow decided to plop down on us here in North Carolina. I had this vision in my mind even before the snow began falling. I was on a mission! I was thinking of maybe the perfect picture for our next years Christmas card! I know, I know... Planning a bit early!! Snow doesn't pass this part of town too often and I had to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!
So I gathered up my supplies and waited... And waited. Then it began. Oh boy did it begin! Snow like I remember when I used to live in New York as a child. Snow, snow, glorious SNOW!!
Big FAT FLAKES lightly falling down, beautiful splendor all around. I thought I was in heaven!
Have you ever just sat outside while it snowed and just listened? Listened to the peacefulness? Oh it's so wonderful!
I snapped many photos....
Our backyard....
The end of our street right next to our house..
Footprints from our nightly visitors...

The front of our home at night with the snow falling down..

The view from my bedroom window...
More snow pictures....

While it was so chilly outside I baked a chicken for dinner...

Then made homemade chicken soup too!

Now back to the mission I was on that I mentioned in the beginning of my blog post... I trekked out back into the snow by myself and made our family of four snowmen!! I made them patriotic Americana style in support of our United States Navy! There is my husband, who is a United States Navy Veteran Dad, Navy Mom, presently serving Sailor Son, and Raggedy Ann Daughter❤️!
I am thinking of using this for our Christmas card this year!❤️

This past Friday night I experienced something I never felt before. Yes it was Valentines Day but it was also the first time I experienced an earthquake!
I was sitting on the couch and felt it starting to shake! I thought I was imagining things... Then this came on the news!
Although it was in South Carolina, it was felt all the way up where I live in North Carolina! Glad it wasn't stronger than it was!
I finished part four and five of my Jardin Prive Positive Stitch A Long. I am very pleased with the outcome! I shall hang this in my sewing room. ❤️
Love it!!

I hope you all had a very nice Saint Valentines Day. I spent a little more time in the lovely snow before it melted... And I snapped some photos!

I also baked heart shaped butter cookies with red sugar crystals and dipped strawberries in chocolate! Yummie! ❤️

Looking forward to warmer weather soon and getting projects in order.
Blessings to you!


  1. I love your snow pictures especially of your snow family. You put a lot of work into them! Beautiful stitching.

  2. Beautiful pictures you took. It is crazy the weather that passed throuhg. We had Snow then Ice then snow and then Ice to end it all UGH! Hubby and I were watching the local news and they said that there might be a chance of snow in the next couple of weeks!!! Eeeekkk Dear Lord Please no!

    I did not feel the Quake, I was at work in Downtown Columbia but I guess it was a nice rumbler to have been felt up in North Cac. Living in California I never got use to them but then again I never felt them, but thankfully I never went throught a big one.

    Hoping you have a great week. Take Care :)

  3. What fabulous snow pictures you shared! I love your snow family and it gets my vote for your Christmas card.

    Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Love the snow family, Louise!

    I made roast chicken dinner for supper last night also...minus the zucchini, which I didn't have on hand. And this morning I made chicken soup... we're on the same wave-length for sure, LOL


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