Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paper Snowflakes, Stitching, New Home Goodies

What a beautiful Saturday! Gorgeous weather with windows and doors open. The fresh Carolina air is so refreshing.
I went shopping yesterday with my neighbor. My favorite country primitive store Lake Norman Back In The Day is closing down :(
We headed over that way to see what they had on sale. I picked up a few things that I have been wanting...and now the price was 40 percent off. Great deals!
A new stitching tote , nice and roomy with plenty of pockets inside and out.
New placemats for our kitchen table and napkins to match, with an extra napkin to place in a basket for decor :)
A pretty towel that can be used as a table topper... The design is on both ends. LOVE the primitive look! I love the colors yellow, black, and reds together.
Wax melts... Oh the smell is so yummy! They were on sale for about a dollar each! Our home smells like a country home with these. I usually buy apple cinnamon scents, but these happen to be called "country store". They are delish!
As you can see in the picture the old tart burner I use has angels all around it, for different seasons. I bought it many years ago at Yankee candle shop. Love it!
A hanging basket for our bathroom. I grabbed this one because it was marked down to 8 dollars with a small chip and hole in one side.... Then I got 40 percent more off on top of that!! Yes a deal!! Could not resist ! Don't care if there is a hole in the basket, all part of its charm :)
I put some little purple flowers in it that I had. 
I have been working on my Paper Snowflakes stitchery. Many mistakes to my disappointment, but I've decided it's ok, I'm human and blessed... To remember only God is perfect. My mistakes in this sampler make it mine, special AND unique in its own way! :) I am very happy and content with it.
I hope this is a great weekend for all of my readers and friends. Thank you again for those of you that take a moment to leave a comment. Makes me feel that what I write is interesting to some! Thank you, thank you! 
Blessings to you❤️

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  1. Louise, it's sad when a favorite store closes down, huh? But you got some good bargains to remember them by! When I make mistakes (creative stitches?) I will often leave them if they don't interfere with the overall design. Having said that, yesterday I did have to undo a half-hour's worth of stitching...that didn't please me at all, lol


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