Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good Morning!

I have been a busy bee! I took down the Christmas tree , oh so hard to do....I think it was the prettiest one by far we have ever had.
I had a wonderful shopping day with my dear friend and neighbor Suzan. She is the best! We went to all the craft stores, and had  lunch at Panera ...oh I just love to go to Panera!! I think God had a plan for me to move onto this block where Suzan lives, she too bakes, stitches and crafts! 
While out and about we both picked up the DMC threads needed for the Jardin Prive Positive SAL we are doing.
I have already completed part one:
I am stitching this on 28 count antique white Jobelin. If you are interested in joining in the fun, you can find the chart which is free HERE!
I have joined with a bunch of wonderful ladies on Facebook who have started the SAL yesterday. Another group has formed and is starting on February 1st if you care to join..just search "Jardin Prive's Positive SAL" on Facebook. :)
I have worked a little more on my Miss Adelaide Snowlady (Paper Snowflakes)
Sampler also... Coming along so wonderfully!
This design is by Brenda Gervais. Just love her designs!
Some great excitement in our house...
Our daughter graduated high school!
She graduated early, also received recognition by being inducted into the honor society for computer studies! We are so proud of her! She plans to further her career in computer studies, such a bright future ahead for her.
I cannot believe both of my babies are now graduated. Time really does go by so quickly. 
I never imagined my Son would enter the military and be so far from home. He did. I miss him, but am so proud of him. I am proud of both our children. They have always made good choices, worked hard to achieve their goals and are blessings to us. Time slips away and has a way of changing so many things. Sometimes I look back and wish, wish just for a moment I could go back, but then things might be different now. We are where we are meant to be I suppose. God always has a plan. I cherished every moment along the way.
I am Blessed Indeed,
Louise xx


  1. Love your start on the Way to Happiness. I have it all printed and threads pulled, but have so many ufos to finish first. Enjoy your new neighbor and friend. Glad God blessed your move there.

  2. Kim,
    I am so glad you are joining in the SAL! Oh, believe me, I have tons of UFO's also..but I love to always start something new. lol
    Have a wonderful day my friend! xx


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