Monday, November 18, 2013

Trying to go to sleep....

But it's not working! So instead I am laying here cuddled up under blankets in bed with my phone making a post. HA!!
Let's see...what's to say...besides counting sheep??? 
Here are my updates on Mary's Sampler

And something I started stitching for Thanksgiving...
It is a freebie I found on a blog, the Twist Family....
Can't post a link right now as I am typing in the dark...heee heee!
It is the sweetest design!

This is going to be a hard Thanksgiving with missing our Son. First Thanksgiving without him being home. Military duties will keep him away. We are very proud if him. Hope he can be home for Christmas.
Now I really need to try and get some sleep..
Wish me luck!
More to come!


  1. I think the moon this week has been making it hard for me to sleep! Sweet stitches ~ I haven't started Mary's Sampler, but will definitely be adding it to my list!

  2. Such a sweet sampler. I have just got the Away in a Manger one from Heartstrings. xx


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