Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Children

Our children are growing up and time is marching on.
We are so very proud of both of them.
Our Son is presently serving our country in the United States
Navy as an ET3 PO, and our daughter (our heart hero!) will be inducted into the
National Technical Honor Society for computer
Studies, through her high school.
I thank God every day for Blessing my husband and I with
Two children that were ours to nurture , love and
All I want for Christmas is to have our Son home.
To have our family together once again.
This may be our first Christmas that he may not be
Able to come home. I am already sad thinking of the
Possibility of the reality of him not being home this year.
This would be our first Christmas that would be
Different from all we have ever known.
Please pray for all our military this upcoming season
Of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is not only hard on
The families, it is hard on those serving too.

Here are our children when they were little....

 Halloween costumes when they were little...I sewed their costumes every year for them...My Son loved Power Rangers...My daughter loved Raggedy Ann...well, you knew that already!! :P
 So many wonderful memories!! The  years seemed to have gone by way too fast. Now our daughter will be graduating can this be! I wish I could slow down time..just a little.....
  Here is a picture of our Son at boot camp graduation from 2012 and
Our daughters senior picture that was taken recently. They are all grown up!!

We are truly blessed indeed.

Louise xx


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! You should be proud of both of your children. Your post brought a little tear to my eye because I also have one who is grown up and I also remember fondly all of those growing-up years!

  2. Isn't it fun to look at old photographs & go back in time for a bit? If we only knew back then how quickly the time would pass by.

  3. Its both exhilarating and extremely sad to see your babies grow. I know in two years I'm going to be a mess.....

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  5. Oh, the time does pass so quickly, doesn't it? You must be so proud of both of your children ~ job well done!


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