Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello it's me!

Hello out there....
Been thinking about deleting the blog...not sure though.
Just not as interested as I used to be. I do so much Facebooking these days, and looking around on Pinterest! I even started up a twitter account..but twitter didn't go very far. lol
I thought I was getting better but have been having a rough go of it. Today though I actually felt pretty great!
I got through the surgery well enough...but then the pain would not go away. Then tests were ordered..I think I had about every test under the sun...barium CT and nuclear scans...endoscopy and other scopes...
I am still not 100 percent, but the doctors cannot seem to find out why I am still feeling pain under my ribs and in my back..this should have gone away with taking the gallbladder out.
Oh well, I am glad however nothing serious was found. On to healing more I suppose. I am trying to learn to eat in smaller amounts more frequently..that seems to be helping. Seems that many of my friends are having many health issues these days right along with me...I have been praying mighty hard for so many! I know God is listening.
I haven't been doing too much on the crafting front.
I did make one baby blanket, but forgot to take a picture before I mailed it out! Oh well :(
Not keeping up too well!
I hope the recipient likes it for their new baby and hopefully she will take a picture that perhaps I can post for all of you to see.
I did bake an apple cake yesterday..again, forgot to take a picture. I am really slacking aren't I?!
Well,...I did work on sprucing up the blog you like it?!
Yes, I am ready for FALL!!
My favorite time of year..but you all knew that!
Time to start dinner for my wonderful husband..and must clean Sir Charleston the bunnies cage out..
I must post some newer pictures of him for you soon...he is darling!
Blessings to you!


  1. Hi Louise,
    First time posting to you but have been am a long time follower. I can understand Facebook and Pintrest taking you away. In the beginning I couldn't get off Facebook. And I still can't get the hang of Pintrest. I hope you don't give up your blog entirely because I have enjoyed reading it. I've enjoyed watching the kids grow up. Like you I'm a military mom (Air Force). I hope they find what's causing your pain. Take care and God Bless.

  2. Hey Louise...I love the colors of fall... and I admit, I'm looking forward to fall. The heat is starting to get to me...I feel house-bound ;)

  3. I hope the doctors will find out what is wrong with you - being in pain is not any fun at all.

    I hope that you don't delete your blog because I love reading your Blog. I love your new background too. Fall is my favorite season as well.

    I hope that you can get back to stitching pretty soon.

    Happy Stitching

  4. Keep blogging enjoy see what you are doing in cross stitch and how you are.

  5. I do hope as you continue to heal from surgery that the discomfort and pain will subside.
    I find facebook hard to keep up with ~ everyone seems to put everything on there and then you have to work harder to sort through and find the things you want to look at ~ so, I hope you decide to keep your blog ~ even if you don't post as much!


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