Friday, August 9, 2013

A New Day!

Thank you to those who stopped by and so graciously left sweet comments for me. I cherish every one of them. It means so much to me that you would take a moment to say hello.
I feel like a miracle has happened! Yesterday and today I have felt WONDERFUL! I want to scream it from the mountains! I think I needed a long time to heal from surgery. I am hoping that is the case anyways.
I picked up my crochet hook yesterday and started working on crochet Squares Of Love for the Military Blankets again..
I stopped by my dear sweet friend Luanna's house recently...I love to sit with her on her front porch!
I love to hear her stories of days gone by, her work in a button factory (I think that is so fascinating!)...
This is her front porch that we sit on...
Here is Luanna! My sweet friend who will be 92 years old in September. Doesn't she look fantastic!

I just love spending time with my sweet friend! I recently asked her about the mill that is sitting to the side if her yard because it is so fascinating to me.!she told me all about it. This is called a molasses mill! I had never seen one before in my life. She told me how the molasses would be ground up then they would cook it till it was hot and melted.
Here are some pictures of the mill that is in her yard but is no longer used. She tells me that many people stop and ask if they can take pictures of it!

I stopped in to a local second hand shop called "Grandmas Attic". Love looking around at all the treasures in there! I saved a beautiful stitched piece, it is now hanging and looks so beautiful in my dining room...

I also picked up a chair that the owner said he bought at an estate sale from a farm. The chair looked old, but I was not sure? It is solid wood, and perhaps it is handmade. It sits in my bedroom in a corner and looks lovely there :)
My daughters senior picture proofs came in the mail. How can it be that our baby is now going into her senior year of high school?! Our little Raggedy Ann loving little doll is now a young lady, that is so beautiful and we are so very proud of. Where have the years gone? Our little miracle from heaven! I cannot wait to receive her pictures in the mail. She is so excited to start her senior year. I have already bought her one of her graduation's a surprise. Not very expensive...but wait until you see!! I just could not resist! 
That's all for now, lets see how this post goes...
Started the other day on my desktop, but
Pictures were not working right side up
Be usage they were taken with my iPhone,
So now I have finished up half of this
Post with my phone and also putting the pictures on with my phone too using
Blogger for iPhone. Wish me luck !
Hopefully not too many typos! Small keyboard on the iPhone!

Louise xo

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  1. Fun post! So glad to read that you are feeling better. Your friend does indeed look sweet and does not look anywhere near 92 ~ you must ask her and share her secret! The mill is very interesting ~ I have never heard of that type. Great finds ~ love that little chair!


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