Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gallbladder Surgery and Finished Stitcheries

Hi Everyone!
I am back from surgery!
It was a little harder than I expected it to be. I guess not everyone's recovery time is the same, and I am still very sore. I had my surgery on July 2nd of this week. I was pretty nervous, but knew that if I ever wanted to feel better I needed to have it done.
The hospital is a fairly new facility, the staff, nurses, and doctors were all very nice. I tried to convince the nurses that I couldn't have the IV in my hand (because it hurts so much!)..but that is where they prefer to do I had no choice. The surgery is an outpatient procedure, and I was able to go home pretty much within hours of when it was performed.
I could have stayed longer to rest..but looking at my husband sitting there, I felt bad for him, I knew he was bored. lol
They had given me pain medicine, so I was pretty much able to get myself up to be put in a wheelchair to get to the car to go home.
I did need to hold onto a plastic bag for the ride home though, I felt very naucious! I am sure from all the anesthesia. A total of four incisions where put into me for the probes. The biggest probe was placed in my belly button. That is where the camera was put into me so they could see to operate. The cut is still so very sore!!
I am not allowed to touch that bandage until this coming Tuesday, then I can take that one off.
I can shower, but cannot submerge myself in a tub until the doctor says ok.
I am feeling weak, and I noticed I have already lost weight. The greatest pain is in my upper chest and right shoulder area from where they pumped carbon dioxide into my body to blow up my stomach for better viewing while they operated to take the gallbladder out.
I have only been able to sleep on my back , which hasn't been very good sleep...up until last night. I was able to sleep on my side last night without too much pain thank goodness!
I have some bruising, which is to be expected, after all, using probes poking around in my stomach is not normal!
I pray that healing continues and that I will make a full uneventful recovery. As of this morning I am feeling naucious again, I only take pain medications at night time now for sleep. I take ibuprofen during the day.
After tonight I will be stopping pain medications.
I will have to be careful with my diet, although I have been pretty careful in the past year. I will have to do a trial and error and hopefully I won't have any issues now that my gallbladder is gone. I was given a list as a guideline to follow.
Someone made me laugh when I showed them the paper I was given..they asked me "What is left to eat?" Very FUNNY!! :) But so very true. I guess not much. :)
Here is the paper I was given...
One of our sweet neighbors brought us a casserole of food, which was so helpful. There certainly was no way I could have cooked.....We were so very grateful! I was also very surprised when flowers were delivered to my door from an old friend back in New York, sweet Marianna! Miss her and love her so much! Aren't they pretty!
A surprise RAK package came in the mail from dear Linda Lee of Cross N My Stitches !
She hand knitted a beautiful cloth and added bright sunshine colors of floss, dove soap and a very special bluebird pin (for happiness!)...many know I LOVE bluebirds! Thank you so much Linda for brightening my day!
Before I went in for surgery, I completed a cross stitch for wonderful new neighbors who had just gotten married. They are the sweetest young couple! I just need to find a frame when I feel well enough to leave the house....This is "Two Shall Be One" By Lizzie Kate Designs
After my surgery, on July 4th, as I rest in bed, I was determined to stitch up a small design for the holiday. I worked all morning, noon and night on this one and was able to finish it. Such a cute design.
"Land That I Love" By Lizzie Kate Designs...
Well, I must go, I cannot sit at the computer any longer, being as I am feeling very ill again.
I hope one day soon this feeling passes. Thank you all for thinking of me with love, prayers and well wishes. It is very much appreciated. I look forward to the day I am 100 percent well again. I am trying my best to remain positive, but when I am feeling as sick as I am today, it is kinda hard, but I will be ok.

Blessings to all!
Louise xo