Monday, June 17, 2013


Just a quick note to say hello! As most of you know I have been not feeling well lately. I decided to finally make the trip to the doctor. I was sent for a couple of tests. I had stomach pain on and off. Couldn't figure out what was going on with me, I just knew I didn't feel quite right.
On a visit a couple of weeks ago to see our Sailor Son, I was in so much pain after we had lunch, then the same after dinner. I could barely move to stand and walk. I had to just sit there and rest till I could finally get up. I thought I was going to go crazy with the pain in the middle of my chest! I know my Father had heart disease, so I was fearing the worst.
Turns up that my gallbladder is working at only 50 percent of what it should be.
Spoke with the nurse on the phone about the results.
Sounds like the only option will be surgery which I soooo do not want to do.
I have an appointment on Thursday. Will update soon!
Pray for me! I am scared :(

Louise ...who is shaking in her boots!

Friday, June 7, 2013

30th High School Reunion

Well, the invitation for my 30th high school reunion has arrived. Will I go? I don't think so.
I have already re-united with many old classmates on Facebook. The world of social media has brought me back in touch with so many people I used to go to high school with. Sometimes it is a good thing, sometimes, it is not.
Do people really change? Perhaps some lose hair, many gain weight.
Do their personalities change from their high school days??....
I was sort of quiet back in school, and had my own little group of friends. I remember so many cliques, the girls that would make you feel uncomfortable as you walked down the if you did not fit in with them, so you would never be a part of "their group".
Not that I ever really wanted to be, but I never really cared for the way some of the kids acted back in high school. I guess I was a little more mature than most. I had my own things to deal with at home, the family issues, and I found different outlets.
Sure I liked to go out dancing late at night...but I also played guitar and sang in church every Sunday.
I had a few girlfriends that I can honestly say were best friends as I grew up...we did grow apart at different stages in high school..branched out and found new friends...but we always stayed in touch.

 I accepted all the friend requests from old classmates on Facebook and thought it was so neat to see what they looked like now and how their lives were going.  It didn't surprise me all too much that the ones who seemed to have perfect lives in high school now have lives that are falling apart...
only because, I now realize we are all human. We all have the same feelings, emotions, issues, family problems, and no one is perfect. Except our God of course.
So many are still looking for happiness....... not seeing that they have happy things right in front of their eyes.
They talk of waiting for this happiness, and asking when it will arrive. Never looking in the present moment, and cherishing any little blessing that God has given them already. They criticize and are just plain miserable. Many never speak of God, but yet expect miracles in their lives.

I have come to realize that people never really do change. You are who you are. Even from a very young age. I started to realize that I have nothing in common with most of these people I graduated high school with. They are still who they are, and I am still the same me. Perhaps this is why we never hung around each other back then, and I can see we still have nothing in common now. We have all moved on with our lives, but for the true friends that kept in touch over the years since high school, and they mattered, well, they did keep in touch. That is just what I had done..the ones that I stayed close with all these years are the ones that have so much in common with me, and although we live in different states we will always be friends and close in heart.

So, for me, I don't believe I will be attending a reunion for high school. I am very content with staying close with the friends I have kept all these years, and the new ones I have made since then. I feel very blessed and know how precious true friendship really is!

I am curious to know if you had gone to your reunions?
I did attend my 10th reunion, and it wasn't any different from high school. People don't change!

What's your story?