Friday, May 17, 2013

Christian Cross Stitchers

Looking for a nice place to visit to post about your love of cross stitching? Have a strong faith in God and are Christian?
Do you belong to Facebook?
Look no further! Christian Cross Stitchers are a group of wonderful stitchers who share their love of faith and stitching all in one place!
Come join us for chatter and stitching about what we love most, our hobby and our faith!
Christian Cross Stitchers

I have just added an event to the group.
Do you crochet, or perhaps sew?
Would you like to let our wonderful military know that WE all do CARE about them?
I am a military Mom myself and I have decided to join in on this wonderful event...
to Crochet Squares of LOVE for our Soldiers!
More details on our page. Come take a look..perhaps you might feel a tug at your heartstrings to
want to lend a hand...
we will send squares to other Military Moms to put together into blankets of LOVE..these blankets will
be sent to grieving Moms who lost their sons or daughters in battle, they will also be given to wounded soldiers, or be given just because we CARE about our military.
They protect us, serve us, and are always there for us. God BLESS our military HEROS!
I am a military Mom myself and I am very proud of my Son who is serving in the United States Navy.

If you don't crochet, that's ok might perhaps think about sewing a pillowcase if you sew.
Or perhaps buy a skein of yarn to give to someone who crochets to make some squares. Every little bit helps!
Thank you for even considering this.
If you are not able to do any of the above, perhaps you can pray for our soldiers, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, they all need our prayers, God hears each and every one of them!
Thank you!!

I wish you all a blessed day and hope to see you come by our Facebook Group.
We would love to have you, it really is a group of wonderful friends,
Louise xx


  1. sounds good. i used to belong to a prayer shawl ministry. i'm a military mom in law .my son in law just left for afghanistan two weeks ago.denise

  2. Prayers for your Son in Law as he goes on his journey to protect all of us here at home. God Bless him and thank him for his service. Thank you to all of your family too for your sacrifices. Big Hugs!! xo


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