Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crochet and WIP's

Hello again...warmer weather is finally here. Only a couple more weeks before school is out for the summer for our girl.Can't wait to spend the days with her! That's if she doesn't sleep all day...teenagers have a way of doing that! :)
I haven't been too productive lately on the crafting front...
I did start crocheting Blooming Granny Squares though...thinking of making a throw blanket.
I used a pattern from a wonderful book titled The Granny Square Book. Click on the title for the link to Amazon and you can take a look at it.
This was the first design I tried to make and it came out really well!
Here is what I have done so far...
They are lots of fun to make and VERY addicting! I enjoy sitting with my dear husband in the evenings while making them. Love all the colors so far! I am using "I Love This Yarn!" brand from Hobby Lobby, but I also have some other off brands thrown in the mix. Great way to use up scraps :)
Many cross stitch WIP's of course, as always...
Roots and Wings...which I am having lots of trouble with the chart being as it is in color. I made a working copy to write on for the areas that I have finished..I mark them with a line of pen...
A chart titled "Winds of Change" which is very appropriate with having to let go of my dear Son for the Military! (US Navy)...

Also stitched a little more on "Rabbit Folk" by Notforgotten Farm. In memory of our dear sweet bunny Peter Rabbit that we lost last year :(
The fabric was coffee stained I believe, I had won this piece from Notforgotten Farm.
Can't finish up a proper post without giving you updates on our dear Bun Charleston! He is doing well and we found out his favorite treats are celery (especially the leaves!), fresh spinach, raw oats, almonds and apple bits. Such a silly boy! He will not let me pick him up to hold anymore, he is very fiesty! Although he does not bite, he likes to roam the house and he will come over to us for petting :)
Love him to pieces!
Raggedystitches and Blessings!


  1. Hello Louise,

    Good luck with your crochet, it looks so lovely and soft. Happy stitching.

  2. Hi Bev!
    Thank you so very much for your sweet comment here :) Thank you also for stopping by!

  3. Loving the squares and all of your WIP the fabric from NotForgotten Farms is very interesting looking. I bought a piece from her last year for a specific piece and for the life of me I can't remember what it was for LOL

    Your bunny is so adorable :) Have a great day!

  4. Hi Natasha!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for all the compliments.
    I am a little unsure about that fabric I am stitching the bunnies on,
    But I have done so much already I may continue. I suppose it's
    Supposed to look primitive and old the way she dyed it
    Have a great day!

  5. Your Granny squares look great. Slow and steady on the stitching will have your WIPs done in time.

  6. Great projects and cute bunny!!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine! :)

  7. Your grannies are coming right along and are so pretty. Keep at it and in no time you will have enough for an afghan or throw. I am done with my squares, and am in the process of stitching them into strips; then will join the strips and crochet a border. I love your bunny...the stitching and the real little guy....he is so sweet looking. Happy Spring Louise!!!


    1. Hi Nikki!
      I have run out of white yarn for my grannies, I am at a stand still for now..until the next Hobby Lobby run. I cannot wait to see your blanket finish . Thank you for your sweet comments and for stopping by my blog! :)


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