Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Things!

Ok, well, it's not really feeling like Spring weather in my town, but by next week it should be a lot warmer (I hope!)
I have been stitching up cute little Easter designs  :)
I found the design free at Primitive Bettys. Thank you Betty for such sweet designs!
Here is what I have stitched:

I then sewed them into pretty little door hangers, complete with lavender ribbons!
I then painted some pots with pretty purple flowers...can you see where I am going with this??
Oh yes, I love purple!!
I filled the pots with a little bit of chocolates, marigold seeds, purple nail polish, and purple peeps!
I then wrapped all the goodies up, complete with lavender ribbons and a cutout "egg" shaped tag for names... so pretty...for very special teachers!
I picked up some hydrangeas at the grocery...aren't they beautiful....
I stopped in to Tractor Supply to pick up food, hay, and treats for this special guy...remember him? Our "Charleston" Bunny rabbit! He is getting ready for the special day...
While at Tractor Supply, guess what I stumbled across? I nearly screamed I was so excited!! Yes, little things make me happy...
aren't they PRECIOUS!!! :)
Some of them even had little black spots on their fuzzy yellow fur!
Baby Chickens!!!
I wanted to kiss each and every one of them :)

Well, there are signs of Spring popping up all over..I am starting to see the trees blooming with flower buds.
What a wonderful time of year!
Look at the size of this strawberry I found in the package from the store..
its' HUGE!

I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to this very Blessed Season of Easter.
Blessings to all of you,


  1. Wow, those teachers are going to get a very nice gift! We need spring weather here too -- I had snow on my windshield on Tuesday morning! And who wouldn't love a bunny in a basket? Happy Easter, Louise!

  2. I love the bunny stitching (and finishing).

    Happy spring!

  3. What great gifts for the teachers! Cute critters and wow, that strawberry!

  4. What a lovely gift, I'm sure the teachers loved them.


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