Saturday, January 12, 2013

Frilly Scarves!

Hello everyone, I hope this day is finding you all well and happy!
I have decided to join the craze at the moment. Everyone was making these frilly scarves and I just had
to try my hand at making them. They are pretty easy to make, although, for me, time consuming.
The end result is fantastic! They are really pretty. You can find the yarn to make these scarves at Walmart, Michaels, and I believe Hobby Lobby has it too. All different colors, some solids, but most variegated.
It is a different type of yarn, sort of like a ribbon, but you spread it out before making your stitches and it looks mesh-like.
Very pretty!
I have pink ones yet to make, and I am looking forward to starting those..the colors are so wonderful.
The pattern I have used is found HERE!
I don't know how to knit, so I used their crochet pattern.
The weather is supposed to be very warm here today ...I hope the sun peeks out and I can open the windows for some fresh air.
Charleston the bunny is getting bigger and he is a bit fiesty! He likes to run all around the house and jumps all the way up on top of our couch.
It is so nice to have a house bunny to love again.
I will upload some new pics of him soon. I haven't been using my camera too much lately ...I have a new iphone that I just love and that gets used all the time now. I will see if I can upload pictures from my phone to here.
Blessings to all of you today, and take a moment to stitch or craft, to smile and love...once tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever, make it a memorable one!


  1. Love those scarves! Can't wait to see the pink ones!!

  2. I knitted one and I have the yarn to do 2 more.They are so fun and easy! Denise


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