Friday, November 30, 2012

I am Happy

I am happy. Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our Sailor was home for a visit which made it all the better! I have missed my son so much. I am happy that he will be home again for Christmas. Each moment together as a family means so much in my heart.
We had a really nice day, and the meal was delicious. A lot of work..but delicious! It was wonderful to spend time with our son again.
My Dear Husband worked before Thanksgiving day on painting the dining room and putting up molding on the walls. He also built a half way between the living and dining room area. There used to be "pillars" ..but we took them down. They were not load bearing, and meant for decoration only. It didn't fit in with my country likings, so down they came..little did we know that they built the wood floor AROUND the poles!! Yikes!
So, yes, there were holes in the wooden floor.
Hubby is so creative, he put up half walls to cover the holes in the flooring. He is an amazing carpenter, among many other things.
I have always loved a blue dining room..but I didn't think blue would look right when the dining room is very open to the living we continued on with the butter yellow color we painted in the living room and foyer. It does look pretty and very bright, which is good, not enough light comes into our home.
Here is a picture for you to see..
I am so happy with the outcome of the work my husband did. I really love the color yellow on the walls!
I have been crocheting scarves whenever I get a moment to sit and work on them. I think I like the purple ones the best (I guess because purple is my favorite color!)
I haven't been walking as much as I would like to...lots of people around here leave their dogs to roam free and the last time I walked I was terrified when a dog approached me!
I really thought he would bite me..but kept following me which made me really nervous.
Not sure what I can do about it, especially if I don't know who owns the dog.
I just pray the next time I go out walking it won't be around!
Been getting ready for the Christmas season...
putting up the Raggedy Ann tree, and little decorations here and there...

A basket filled with stitched ornaments in the hall bathroom....

 little ornaments on a vanity shelf....
One of my favorite pictures ....
 And...a special wreath my son the Sailor made me when he was little. It is made from tied pieces of tissue! I hang this every year...
 A sweet Santa and Reindeer made by my daughter when she was little....
So many wonderful memories of years ago...
Sometimes I close my eyes and reminisce about the days when my children were toddlers. Oh, how I miss those days so much!
I know how blessed I am that God gave me children to love with my whole heart.
I look forward to a wonderful Christmas season, to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.
May you all enjoy this wonderful month filled with miracles,
Blessings to all of you!


  1. Sounds like a good Thanksgiving! Your dining room looks great ~ love the yellow color and your husband did a fantastic job with the half walls.

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! happy stitching...


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