Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crochet Projects and Cookie decorating! :)

Hi Everyone!
I have been busy doing some different projects. A dear friend asked me to help out with her grandsons birthday party by making special Spiderman cookies for goodie bags. I made a basic sugar cookie, rolled and cut them out with an egg shaped cutter for the head...
I froze the cookies in rubbermaid containers..there would be no way I could bake and decorate them all in one day...not enough hours in a day!
Then, a couple of days later..I laid all the cookies out on parchment paper assembly style on our kitchen table..
Next up was making the royal icing. This is an icing that uses meringue powder in the mixture. When you frost cookies with this icing, the cookies will dry hard. Good for stacking, or putting in goodie bags! ;)
I tinted the royal icing with Wilton Paste Food Colors. Paste food coloring gives a richer deeper color to your icing...

Then after coloring the icing the different colors I needed in separate batches...I began outlining the cookies to create Spiderman's face...
Moving right along.....I then filled in the rest of the cookies once the outlining "set up" well enough....
As you can see in the photo..I also made some "spiderweb" designed cookies and added blue sugar crystals to them :)
Of course I made a very special 14 inch, BIG Spiderman cookie for the birthday boy! :)

So, you can see I have been quite busy with that....then on the needlework front, I have been crocheting some scarves. I bought some variegated balls of yarn at Walmart in pretty colors. The back of the wrapper had the directions for this beautiful stitch. Something new for me to learn..it said "easy" on it for directions, so I thought I might give it a shot. It is definitely an easy stitch and I am having lots of fun crocheting each day while waiting in the car line to pick my daughter up from school...I even had a mom in another car come over to me and ask me if I could teach her! :)  It is getting pretty cold here in my part of town. This is the perfect time of year for some crocheting. Thought I might make up some of these nice warm scarves for gifts...
I like the purple colors best! :)

I am also doing some stitching..but just cannot post on that yet. I do have such trouble seeing on 28 count now, even with magnifiers. I am a bit worried about that. I would never want to give up my stitching..but it is a bit of a struggle now. I will have to have another eye exam one of these days.
Blessings to all my readers!


  1. Wow ~ that's a lot of cookies!! They look great and I'm sure will bring smiles to those little ones.
    Love, love, love your scarves ~ one can never have enough of those!

  2. Love your crocheted scarves! they are beautiful ~
    and what a lucky boy to be the recipient of those awesome & yummy cookies ~ WOW ~ do you do that professionally?? they are perfect!
    Blessed be,

  3. Oh...I love iced cookies - I just don't have a good icing recipe. What about yours? :)

  4. I just love reading about all the neat things you do Louise. You're so talented. Gifted! Look at those pretty scarves. Love them. Great job on all the cookies as well.

    I now have to use my mag eyes for my linen pieces, and I love them! Well worth the money.

  5. I had no idea that you were such a great cookie baker! I only knew about your cakes!

  6. Those scarves are beautiful. I may have to go in search of that pattern. I love scarves and making them


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