Saturday, September 22, 2012

Basket of Fall Goodies have arrived!!

First, I want to thank all of you that posted to me with condolences on the passing of our dear sweet Bunny rabbit "Peter". It was so hard losing him and he is missed ever so greatly. It truly warmed my heart to see comments waiting for me from others that cared and shared a thought or two on my blog of prayers. It really meant so much, and I really needed that. I thank you so much. It is hard, I miss him so much. I had gotten so used to taking care of Bunny, especially that he was a house was like having a baby in the house. I miss having that pet to take care of. I am considering bunny shopping again soon..although it would never replace our Peter Rabbit..I think I might need to fill that void! :)
I went out of town yesterday to do a little birthday shopping for our daughter. Yes, today is our sweet daughter's 17th birthday. I cannot believe it! Where have the years gone?! I picked up some pretty nail polish for her, and some other makeup she had been wanting..and a couple of new tops for her to wear. As I came home and pulled in the driveway I saw a box sitting waiting for me..I thought..."could it be!?"
It was!!!!
The box from Notforgotten Farm had arrived!! It was the Fall basket of goodies I had won from the Top Hat Jack Challenge Lori had posted on her blog. This box could not have come at a better time. I soooo needed cheering up after the great loss of losing our family Bunny.
I could not wait to get in the house to open it up and see the treats that were inside..oooooh! I knew they were going to be good, I love ALL things Notforgotten Farm!!

I snapped a photo so you could see! :)

The basket is beautiful! The color is a warm brown and perfect for hanging on a wall, which I plan on doing. Inside where the most wonderful items, including beautiful overdyed threads,  a fat quarter of 30 count coffee stained linen, beautiful pink tool tron scissors, a handmade stamped Halloween tag, a spotted feather, an autumn leaf, and an amazing Kelmscott Designs Saltbox Hill Needle Minder (LOVE THIS!), also a beautiful little felted pumpkin cushion pinkeep to keep all my pins and needles in one place.

I am in awe!! What a beautiful gift basket and surprise. Thank you Lori from Notforgotten Farm !
I will treasure everything for always!

Now onto our daughter's special day, her 17th birthday!

****Edited to add*****
Someone commented on my last post asking about the picture in my header at the top of my blog. I tried to email that person, but there was no contact available, so I am posting here. I took this picture from our car as we were traveling up to Chicago Illinios for our Son's Naval bootcamp graduation. I am not sure of the exact location of the beautiful barn, but I am so glad I snapped this photo! This was taken from the highway, either in Kansas or Indiana! :)

Raggedystitches and Blessings!


  1. Beautiful gifts! You should get a ragdoll cat like mine. So affectionate and soft. Xx

  2. congrats on your win! love your goodies! denise

  3. Congratulations, loved seeing what you got, sharing in the fun of your win. That was me, asking about the barn. It is so pretty. I can see why you took the picture. When in visiting the in laws in KY loved seen all the old barns. I really want a place with an old barn like, don't know what I would use for, but would like looking out and seeing it :o}

    I thought using google identity you would have my contact information, not so?

  4. What luck to win all those beautiful stitching supplies. I just love her site and her trims and threads. I am sure you will use everything someday. Wow...your daughter is almost all grown up. I remember her as a little cutie with all her Raggedy Ann things with her in pictures. Yes, I am afraid the older we get, the quicker the time goes by.



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