Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday and missing my Son!.........

Hello Friends!

I am not sure what is up with me..I am feeling very tired as of late. I mean feeling REALLY tired. I am sleeping fine, and actually cannot wait to get in bed each night. I sleep through the night pretty good lately, but during the day I feel like I am dragging. I have been taking vitamins for a while now, so not so sure why I feel so tired. I feel like I am totally exhausted even just after being up a couple of hours!
If I lay on the couch, I fall asleep.
I hope this passes soon. I hate feeling like this! (I have had tests done recently, thyroid, etc..and everything is fine)
It has been two weeks since I have heard from our Son. I miss him :(
We have received two letters so far and just one phone call.
I know that not hearing from him is ok and that it is good the saying goes..but still, I cried today again thinking of him. I want to hear his voice. I stayed home all day today thinking he would call and didn't want to miss it. You just never know when he might call.
He has a couple of weeks left of bootcamp..he is almost there!
We cannot wait to see him. We are so proud of him! What a reunion it will be. I just know how handsome he will look in his Navy whites!!

I was sorting through boxes up in my sewing room...things I haven't seen in years! We have moved around so much that there were things that haven't been looked at in so long.
I am going to need some sort of shelving up there or perhaps counters and cabinets, I guess that will all come in due time. Hubby just hung blinds on the windows and a curtain rod..the cutest curtain rod has a bird on each end!
I am already feeling that it will not be convenient living here with no Hobby Lobby close by! I am glad I purchased Navy themed fabric in Florida before we moved away. I am planning on making my son Navy pillowcases for when he comes home to visit. :)

There is a very small quilt shop here, Quilters Haven and they do have fabrics which I am glad I will have something near by my home, but I don't think she has novelty fabrics like Hobby Lobby does. I have already visited the store and met the owner Delorise, and we had a wonderful chat! I have to call tomorrow and see if she carries wool for applique. Thinking of doing something along those lines soon..something primitive perhaps? :)

I have also stopped in the local knitting shop "Time to Unwind". It is a little shop filled with pretty yarns. The owner Lou is such a sweet lady and so helpful! I purchased a ball of yarn in my favorite berry color :) They have get togethers on Thursday evenings to sit and crochet or knit, or if I want to, I can bring my stitchery..this might sound like a plan! I need to get out a little bit I think. I am feeling couped up lately with all this hot weather.

I have been thinking...I notice as I go through boxes, I have so many projects started but I am not very productive. Are a lot of you like this? Most of the time the only projects I follow through with are when they are gifts for others and I am on an extreme time crunch because I have waited so long (or until the last minute) to get something done! *sigh*
I know one thing that is constant though, I will never change! Ha! Is that a good thing though? ;)

Blessings to you!

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