Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Trip to Chicago Illinois!

Our Son's PIR , Boot Camp Graduation was on July 20, 2012. We drove to Great Lakes, Chicago Illinois.
It was a 13 hour drive to reach our destination. I could not wait to see our Son Patrick!
I was just imagining how handsome he would be in his Navy whites. The past two months seemed to drag and I could not believe the day had finally arrived that his graduation was finally here!
We saw many things along the drive, beautiful mountains, cows, barns, and even a hot air balloon!
I had ordered special ribbons for us to wear to our sons graduation that had his name and Division number on them..we wore them with pride! :)
Here is a slide show of our travels and pictures of the sailors during the was AMAZING! The sound of the marching and drums was so inspirational and emotional.

It was so wonderful seeing our son again..As they stood in formation...I tried so hard from the bleachers to spot my son. It was a sea of sailors all dressed in white! We finally spotted him..once I did, I felt the tears start to flow. I could not wait to wrap my arms around my son again.
Then, at the end of the ceremony, they announced "Now Hear This! , Now Hear This!, Liberty Call, Liberty Call!"
Everyone ran from the bleachers to find their Sailors!!
I found mine..............
It was so wonderful getting to hug my son again. I have missed him so much!! What a wonderful moment it was to see his handsome face again. :)
I would have traveled to the ends of the earth if I had to for his graduation day. We are so very proud of his accomplishments and the man he has grown up to be.
He was the cutest little boy, especially when he wore his little sailor outfits when he was younger...
here he is
Then and Now :)
 We only were able to spend one day with him..then he had to fly off for A school to his next location.
One day surely didn't seem like enough time to spend with him..but we are grateful that we had that one day. It was glorious.

 Looking forward to the next moments we get to share with our son.
Holding onto each and every moment we have in our hearts!!
I love you Patrick,
"The World"


  1. oh Louise, I KNOW the pride you felt...we traveled 12+ hours to see our son & DIL graduate from basic training over 4 years ago....I remember trying to find them in the crowd of graduates....
    so thankful you got to make that trip....and my guess went right thru our town..or close to it......

  2. Oh Louise what beautiful pictures...especially the one of you hugging your son! I cried when I saw it. He is a very handsome young man who will go very far!

  3. Congratulations on your son's graduation! Reading your post and looking at your pictures brought back memories of when my (now ex) husband graduated from Great Lakes and when my oldest son graduated Air Force boot camp. (I'm choking back tears as I type!) Wonderful pictures and a very handsome young man your son is!

  4. Your pride shines through your post!! Congratulations and best wishes to your son!


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