Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We are finally HOME! :)
I cannot believe it, but our move to North Carolina is finally over. The past couple of months have been so hectic and so full of emotions. We sold our house, saw our son off to the military, bought a new house, packed up and moved to another state, all within a couple of months!
I know that this was all in God's plan, for it seems that it all worked out in perfect timing.."HIS" timing.

I must say, it was very hard to pack up the truck without our son. My  husband and I are getting older now and we can't do as much as we used to do.
It was very difficult! We did it though...a friend helped us in Florida move the furniture onto the is the back of the truck in front of our Florida home jam packed!!!
We used a 26 foot truck for this final load for our move (we had previously taken a 26 foot truck up to storage in the Carolina's before selling the house)...can you say too much "stuff"!!!
When we arrived in North Carolina, I contacted one of my son's friends who was more than happy to help us unload the big heavy furniture, I prayed so hard that somehow we would have help, God answers prayers! We were two days shy of closing on our new home...we stayed with wonderful friends who have a house on the was WONDERFUL!!
We spent time on the lake in their boat...
Their lake house is gorgeous!
After our boat trip, we came back and had a lovely dinner made by my sweet friend...she eats all the healthy things I do. For the guys there was burgers, for us nice healthy salads with turkey burgers and avocados!
It's amazing through all of this I have even lost a couple of more pounds. I continue to eat healthy and like wearing a smaller size too! :) I hope I can continue to live my life this way for my health and long term benefits.
It was fun to eat dinner on the deck and watch the baby geese with their Mama's :)

Since my son has left for the military, I have been seeing bluebirds here and there..makes me think of him so much...
We finally closed on our new home and transferred our pet birds and Peter Rabbit to the new house. I am sure they were probably wondering what was going on! Our daughter was so happy to start setting up her new bedroom...we have a very long way to go though. There are boxes everywhere!!
We are fortunate that there are plenty of bedrooms in this house, so when our son comes to stay, he will always have his own room...
I am very excited...there is a bonus room that will be my very own sewing room!!!
Can you hear me scream with excitement?!!
YES!! A sewing room and a place just for ME!!
It will need cabinets of some sort, but for now, I am happy setting up on the floor! lol
Look at the wonderful window too..lots of light comes in during the daytime.
This will be my creative space! YIPPEE!!
A place to call my OWN!
It is difficult to hide all my craft and cross stitching stash from the hubby when we all comes out from hiding then...he even had to carry it up the steps!!
Yes, that is all my "stuff". lol
He just shakes his head.....
Our backyard is quite large and reminds me of a park:
I ventured around and look what I found! smells wonderful!!

And then...I found this!.....
Wild berries too!
We have a "block" window above our garden bathtub in the master does not exactly give you full for now I purchased a spring rod to put inside the window frame and I also purchased pretty "sheer" curtains with flowers on them....I am hoping this helps....
I probably need to hem the curtains ..but for now I just "scrunched" them up on the bottom (being lazy)! lol
I love the nook for the table in the kitchen! I used my Waverly curtains I purchased many years ago at Target for the windows...
We put new hardware and locks on our front door...I really like the front door, it's so pretty!
Our neighbors dog comes to visit me..he is the cutest thing ever!!
I finally have the front porch I have always dreamed of having..can you imagine all the crocheting and cross stitching that will be happening on this porch?! Endless hours...yes, endless my friends. :)
I am so happy, but yet, my heart still hurts. I wish I could hear from my son. I know he is safe in boot camp, but I miss him so much. I wish I could hear his voice and tell me that he is doing fine. A Mother will always worry about her children. We are so proud of him. I wish he could be here to share in the joy of our new family home, but I know that will come in time. He does have his own room here too, his own place in this house, as he will always have. I miss him terribly.
 Thank you for letting me share a bit of my life with you,


  1. Congrats! Looks like you've found a wonderful new place to live. All the hard work of moving is behind you now, so you can enjoy the new surroundings!

  2. Awww Louise it loks wonderful! Have you room for one more??? I would love a house like that. Look at your new stitching room! It's huge. And that garden!!! Wow. God has truly blessed you honey. xx

  3. Congratulations on making the move safely. I am beyond excited for you and your family. I love your home, that front porch is the perfect stitching place :)

    Anytime I hunt for a house I always check to see it has a room just for my stitching LOL

    I wish you many happy memories in your new home.

  4. Congrats on your successful move. My family too made that journey from Florida to NC abut 18 years ago. (WoW! 18 years ago...seems like yesterday) We made the move all the way from South Florida to the NW corner of NC. You have a lovely place...I wish many many blessed year in it.

  5. Congrats on the move! Your new home looks lovely and I hope you feel all settled in soon.

  6. Louise.. your new home is just beautiful! I especially love the little kitchen cozy!! (not to mention your lovely craft room!!) May your new home provide you peace and harmony.

  7. Louise! You sound wonderful! Other than missing your son, you sound so happy to be settled and quite content in your new home. I'm so excited for you.

    Have you gotten an address for your son yet? I thought they had to make out a card first thing giving you an address and all the "do nots", such as do not send food. Do not send games. Do not send this that and the other thing. Before you know it, you'll be getting a letter from him and I pray that it will be real soon.

    You're going to love that front porch of yours. Your home is beautiful. God is so good.


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