Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Little Bear"

We are on a mission to save a life! Our family found a newborn kitten on the ground near the front of our house last night. It was just laying there on the cement. The mother was no where to be found, and the kitten still had the umbilical cord on it. We are not sure what happened, or why the kitten was laying there. We thought at first the kitten was a mole, or a rat, being as it was night time. We were not sure what we were looking at! My husband grabbed a flashlight and we looked closer. He then realized it was a baby kitten.
I was so surprised and knew we had to do something!
It is a baby black kitten and has a touch of white fur under it's chin.
It is so fragile and tiny.
I wasn't sure we could take it in, but we had no choice, we had to.
We didn't want it to get eaten by another animal, or perhaps run over by a car...the kitten already was starting to feel a bit cold when I touched it.
We took it in, my son ran up to Walmart to pick up kitten formula and a nursing kitten bottle.
I put a heating pad in a box with soft towels.
I had forgotten what it was like taking care of a newborn baby!!
I was up a couple of times last night when I heard weak cries....
It is taking milk from the bottle, but not very much...I am making sure though it is getting some.
I am massaging the body so it feels touch and I am giving it kisses too.
We already nicknamed it "Little Bear" does remind me of a little bear!!

We hope that we can save this little life...
My son seems the most excited about this little kitten we have found outside.
It is the most hectic time for this to be happening, with our son leaving for the military so soon, and our pending move, but perhaps God had a plan for me...that's what I am thinking.

So far so good..woke up to "Little Bear" sound asleep and looking content.
Here is a picture of the little one...
 Please won't you say a prayer for "Little Bear".
We hope that this little one will make it with our help.
If it is God's will.
We are happy that so far we have helped this little one along for one more day.

Thank you so much,


  1. It's so good of you to take in this little helpless kitten. We were in Lowe's recently and heard a tiny "mew" and there was a lady with a kitten who looked just like this one in a shoe box. She had brought it in to show her husband, who works at Lowe's. She was doing the same things you are for this little cat. So sweet. Good luck.

  2. I have a similar situation that might help you understand what has happened...2 couple years ago, my oldest daughter turned 18 and decided she was moving out. I was frantic, being over protective and worried about her on her own. Then one evening my DH came home with an orphaned lil chihuahua named Kahlua that 1 of his employees was going to just get rid of cause his landlord didn't allow dogs. From that night, we took her in and I realized she was a blessing. She kept my mind from going into frenzies over my daughter. Maybe this might be the case for you and your Hubby too. Especially with your son going into the military. I pray Little Bear thrives with your care. She's a blessing in disguise.


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