Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bluebird At My Window

The Lord knows I have been praying and worrying about our son leaving in just a few short days for the military. I could not barely sleep at all last night.
This morning we were awoken to the sound of "pecking" at our bedroom window.
We opened the blinds and saw the most beautiful Bluebird looking right in at us!
This bluebird has been flying back and forth at our windows all morning long...then pecking at the glass.
I do believe in signs from God..and even my husband thought perhaps it might be a sign like that saying to let them spread their wings and "fly". (Meaning our son).
That made me smile and I too think my husband felt this way when he saw this amazingly beautiful bird.
I looked up the meaning of "bluebird", and it symbolizes Happiness.
We wish our son all the happiness in the world..but perhaps the Lord was intending on letting us know that everything will work out with all our big changes and we will all be happy :)
I opened up the back door and was able to quickly catch a snapshot of our little visitor!


  1. How beautiful. I have a feeling bluebirds are going to appear when you most need them now!


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