Sunday, May 20, 2012


Patrick, our Son, We have always been so proud of you and we will continue to be proud of you. The time has come for you to leave home and start your new life. We never thought tomorrow would come, but here it is. We know you will do great things in your military career. We wish you a very "Happy Early Birthday Patrick!" It is time for me to let go of your hand...but I will never let go in my heart. We love you, and we are so very blessed to have you as our Son. Anchors Aweigh! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bluebird At My Window

The Lord knows I have been praying and worrying about our son leaving in just a few short days for the military. I could not barely sleep at all last night.
This morning we were awoken to the sound of "pecking" at our bedroom window.
We opened the blinds and saw the most beautiful Bluebird looking right in at us!
This bluebird has been flying back and forth at our windows all morning long...then pecking at the glass.
I do believe in signs from God..and even my husband thought perhaps it might be a sign like that saying to let them spread their wings and "fly". (Meaning our son).
That made me smile and I too think my husband felt this way when he saw this amazingly beautiful bird.
I looked up the meaning of "bluebird", and it symbolizes Happiness.
We wish our son all the happiness in the world..but perhaps the Lord was intending on letting us know that everything will work out with all our big changes and we will all be happy :)
I opened up the back door and was able to quickly catch a snapshot of our little visitor!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Birthday!! :)

I celebrated my birthday this week! Although my husband was away with work, I had a very nice day. My son took me out to lunch on my birthday, My Sister in Law also took me to dinner another night, then I went out with friends two more days after that! It was was as if the celebrating was never going to end! :)
I didn't have a birthday cake...I chose not to have one. I am still eating so healthy and am trying to stick with it. Our Son Patrick's birthday is the end of May, and I want to be able to celebrate his birthday early before he leaves for the military in the couple of days. I thought it would be much better if we bought him a cake for his special day...this way we won't be left with too much cake in the house!
I can't believe how fast the days are flying now...the hours are just passing so quickly. I wish I could make time stand still!
I enjoyed lunch with my son. He is such a wonderful young man. I love him so much! We took family photos for Mother's day with his camera and we got a really nice shot of the two of us together. I am happy for this photo.
I had a great time having dinner with my Sis in Law, and lunch with my friends. It is once again hard to say goodbye. I was so surprised when I was given such beautiful cards and gifts! Gifts from family....I also found gifts at my front door, and in my mailbox for a couple of days too. It warms my heart so much to realize how very much I am loved.
Amazing gifts and goodies!: 
I think this was the most perfect time to have a birthday :)
I am truly blessed indeed!
I am so grateful for all the wonderful family and friends in my life.

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm Still Here

I have been very busy. It has been a very hectic and emotional past couple of weeks. Things are going fast forward at this point and we are trying to squeeze so much in at the last minute. I had a mishap happen at the dentist office. They put a crown into my mouth that was much too light in color. I was so upset and now have to have it done all over again. I had told them that I was about to move in a couple of weeks, and somehow they made me feel as if it was my fault. The assistant told me that she had showed me the mirror and said that I told her I was happy with it. I never saw a mirror , in fact, I had to wait until I went into my car to look in my rear view mirror which I pulled towards me to check it out to see how it looked before I went back into the office to say I was unhappy!
So....back to the office I went the other day to have the crown drilled off and we start all over again. Not what I wanted to do with so many other things going on in my life.
I know so many people want to see me before I move away from Florida, but physically and emotionally, I don't think it will be possible. I am trying my best though. We will be going to our nephews graduation, which we look forward to, we are so proud of our nephew! In just over a week, our own son will be leaving for the  military.
To be honest with you, I am having a very hard time thinking of it all. I am very close with my son.
We have a wonderful Mother/Son relationship, and I am so happy for that. I love him so much!
I know he has to go on his own, and I am so proud of him, both I and his Dad. He has always made us proud.
It is hard, and will continue to be hard for me though. My little family unit is so important to me. I have never had anything much in the way of family except for my husband and my two children. They are my life.
I will have to learn to cope, for I want my son to succeed and to grow, and to have a wonderful life for himself. This is what every parent wants for their child.
Then, I will know for sure that I have raised him well.
I hurt with the thought of leaving Florida again. I know this time it is forever. We won't be back this time again. To live anyways.
Perhaps we will be by to visit. I love Florida, it is to me, my home. My husband prefers North Carolina, and it is beautiful there, I will agree. But...I just feel this closeness to Florida. Our children grew up in Florida and I feel so comfortable here.
I want my husband to be happy. I will adjust.

My son took me out to the gun range to target practice! This was my first time. I must say, I had a pretty good aim and I did very well. We had a nice day out together with lunch and also visited some thrift shops too..
I guess after looking at all these pictures on my blog, my crafting and now target practicing..I guess I am well rounded. I just laughed out so loud! :) Keep in mind I grew up with three brothers and a Dad that hunted...

We have begun the changes and preparations for leaving...our son gave away his old car....
Pictures are being removed now from our walls...
more packing is being done....the dining room is being cleared out...
I feel sort of numb..I cannot believe I am moving again. Although, I am trying my best to be excited. We do have a beautiful home we are moving will just be so hard to move there without our son. I am glad however that there are enough bedrooms in it that there will be a room just for him for when he decides to visit...a place to call his own, whenever he wants to drop by, if he wants to. I plan on making it his own, with all his decor. I have found fabric with a "Navy" logo and I plan on making him pillowcases as a surprise to put on his bed. I look forward to doing this for him. I want him to feel that although he is out on his own now, he can always feel he has a home with us if need be.
Although things have been so hectic and busy, I am trying to find time to occupy myself, my hands and my mind on some other things, so as to not cry so much!
My beautiful niece is making her First Holy Communion soon...I did a little cross stitch for her which I will frame shortly..isn't it pretty! :)
Also, special friends of ours are going to be Grandparents to a sweet baby girl I thought I would make a pretty pink and white baby blanket for the little Angel's arrival! (I sure hope I finish it in time, if not I will have to post an IOU!) (Hi Jackie and Dave!!!) :)
So, as you can see, I have a lot going on...I am going to hold onto this next week and count each minute as an extra special blessing of special time with our dear son Patrick. Then, next up will be our move to North Carolina.
Sometimes I think it is all too much with our son leaving for the military, and us moving the following week, but then again, perhaps God planned it that way so I wouldn't have too much time to think about being so upset..I will be too busy and tired. I will all be ok, I know it always turns out fine in the end.
After all, We have God, and I know that he is watching over us.
All our pictures are down..but we left the crucifix up...He will come down at the very end.
Blessings to you This Mother's Day,
This one will be my most special Mothers Day yet,

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sad News :(

Sadly, "Little Bear" did not make it. :(
 I had taken care of the little one all last night, kept it warm and fed.
I was heartbroken today when "Little Bear" passed.
It was so sad! He did pass away peacefully, snuggled up in the little box we had him sleeping in
with a soft blanket.
I tried so hard, petting him, holding him, making sure he had my touch and warmth of my hands also.
so sad and heartbreaking.
I cried when he passed.
I could not believe how much I fell in love with one tiny little kitten that I had only known less than two days.
My husband said I cared too much,
I said "no, I cared...just enough"


"Little Bear"

We are on a mission to save a life! Our family found a newborn kitten on the ground near the front of our house last night. It was just laying there on the cement. The mother was no where to be found, and the kitten still had the umbilical cord on it. We are not sure what happened, or why the kitten was laying there. We thought at first the kitten was a mole, or a rat, being as it was night time. We were not sure what we were looking at! My husband grabbed a flashlight and we looked closer. He then realized it was a baby kitten.
I was so surprised and knew we had to do something!
It is a baby black kitten and has a touch of white fur under it's chin.
It is so fragile and tiny.
I wasn't sure we could take it in, but we had no choice, we had to.
We didn't want it to get eaten by another animal, or perhaps run over by a car...the kitten already was starting to feel a bit cold when I touched it.
We took it in, my son ran up to Walmart to pick up kitten formula and a nursing kitten bottle.
I put a heating pad in a box with soft towels.
I had forgotten what it was like taking care of a newborn baby!!
I was up a couple of times last night when I heard weak cries....
It is taking milk from the bottle, but not very much...I am making sure though it is getting some.
I am massaging the body so it feels touch and I am giving it kisses too.
We already nicknamed it "Little Bear" does remind me of a little bear!!

We hope that we can save this little life...
My son seems the most excited about this little kitten we have found outside.
It is the most hectic time for this to be happening, with our son leaving for the military so soon, and our pending move, but perhaps God had a plan for me...that's what I am thinking.

So far so good..woke up to "Little Bear" sound asleep and looking content.
Here is a picture of the little one...
 Please won't you say a prayer for "Little Bear".
We hope that this little one will make it with our help.
If it is God's will.
We are happy that so far we have helped this little one along for one more day.

Thank you so much,