Monday, April 23, 2012

House Hunting

We are back from a weekend away. We continued our search for a new home for our family and this was the weekend to find one! It was a very interesting weekend indeed. Our son was not able to come along with military restrictions, not being able to go out of town. Such a short time till he will be departing for bootcamp. This is so hard for a Mom's heart to take, I feel as if I cannot get enough hugs and kisses until that day comes. It seems all too soon!
We left last Thursday, giving us a nice early start to our house hunting. We drove up to the Carolina's, making stops for fast food along the way. So glad Wendy's has those salad's with grilled chicken in them..oh, and the pomegranate dressing is really good. So, It is possible to go to fast food restaurants and eat healthy!

 Our realtors were wonderful, so helpful and knew exactly what we were looking for. We knew we couldn't get everything we wanted in a home, being as we weren't building one..but we came pretty close!
We saw big homes, little homes and in-between homes.
We were a little taken back when walking through the door of this home.
I don't think the owners of this house knew exactly how to stage a home? I also think they will have a hard time selling it!
Each room was worse than the other! My husband just walked out...I of course could not believe it..and I continued on into other rooms, because I really did not think all the rest of the rooms of this house would look like this...but as you will see....they were.....
the kitchen...
After passing through the kitchen, I thought surely the master bedroom had to be a little more tidy? After all, with all this chaos, wouldn't the owners need a quiet calm relaxing place to unwind???
I guess not....
 I tried to look beyond the clutter to imagine what the house looked like beneath all this "stuff"..but it was just impossible!!! How can this house sell, especially in this market??
How can anyone even find a sock to wear??
There was one plus to looking at this was when I walked into the garage...I saw a lamp on top of a cage..look what was inside!!
 yes, they had baby chickens in the garage! Sooooo sweet!...Then..we moved on to seeing other homes.
Many of them were very nice with pretty yards. One house had a wreath out front with a nest of baby birds in it!
I snapped a photo of the baby birds....
Not sure what type of birds they are..but they are adorable! Interesting looking beaks.
The next day our car broke down...then it started to rain..and then I started to cry!!
I guess I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I guess I was thinking that it wasn't exactly good timing for the car
to break down, the rains to start and we were stuck in another state tools and not sure what was wrong with the car.
But, my dear sweet husband is just I have always said before. He is a ROCK! He never waivers and is always so calm.
Our friends came to help us. We used his tools, and he drove my husband to the auto store to get a new alternator. My husband felt that this was the problem with the car. Bless my husband, he is so good at fixing everything! In the meantime I went with my friend  and my daughter to mass at our soon to be new Catholic church . I have never prayed so hard!!
We left church, drove to our friends house, and there was our their house, so we knew it was FIXED! My husband had said, while the car was stuck, tons of people had come by offering to help. Sounds like we will be moving to a wonderful new town in North Carolina!
We looked at more houses but knew we had found the perfect house when we found one with just about everything we were looking for.
I had always loved the look of a home with dormered windows. I have always wanted a rocking chair front porch too.
We finally found a place we can settle and call HOME!
We are very excited!!!
Hubby cannot wait to work on the landscaping, and I cannot wait to decorate and put a wreath on the front door! I am finally going to get a craft and sewing room again, and I will have plenty of space to spread out in the room over the garage! YAY!
After the stress of the car ordeal, and the signing of papers was done..we had a most relaxing rest of the weekend at our friends home on the lake. They have the most beautiful scenery as you sit on the deck in their backyard. Their backyard is the lake!
Soooo peaceful. :)
 Our friends showed us their wine bottle collection...they save bottles that people give them so they can fill them with their own homemade wine!

As it looks right now, the dates of our closings should work out well..the closing of the Florida house will take place, then a couple of days later, the closing in NC should be just a couple of days later. We are praying for a smooth transition, and that all will go well with this house selling/purchasing and that our sons transition will also go well with the United States Navy.
So much happening in such a short time.
May God continue to Bless our family one day at a time.

Until next time,


  1. I'm glad you had a successful house hunt. The house is beautiful! I hope you have many, many happy years in it. Just remember that it's all worth it. In 2009, my Dad passed away, my son graduated from college, we moved, and 2 weeks after moving into our new house, we drove our son to California to attend graduate school. What a year of changes! I remember it well, and can empathize with you as you are going through some changes too. Keep praying and moving forward -- good things will happen!

  2. Wow what a mess in that house. They must have just found out that their house was for sale LOL Amazing how people will leave their house looking when trying to sell it.

    The house that you showed is beautiful!! Congratulations on finding a gem. What a view your friends have!! That is the type of backyard we are looking for! I dream of waking up on the lake :)

    Have a wonderful day friend

  3. I am teary. I'm sad for you as you are feeling the loss of your boy, yet understanding the pride one has in having a family member serve our country so bravely. I'm sad that you will be moving out of our neighborhood. But, at the same time, I am so excited for you as you begin this new chapter of your life, in this beautiful new home, with your precious husband and daughter. And don't worry: all my brothers came back home for lots of hugs from my mom and more in love with her. Wishing you tons more hugs and kisses ahead. <3 Julie

  4. Great that you got a new home and it looks lovely. You would think that you would make a bit of an effort if you were trying to sell your home. Maybe they don't really want to move!

  5. Hello Louise!!~~ Early "welcome!"from this Carolina girl to you, the new Carolina girl!! PLEASE email me and lets see just how close we might be!! How cool would that be to be really nearby??? I love the look of the new house.... I just know the transition will be a smooth one.~~~


  6. I think you picked a pretty house. Maybe the other one was staged so that you'd see it holds a lot of stuff and has lots of floor space. I would never show our house looking tore up like that. Heck, it doesn't even look that bad and we don't let people come over.

  7. I think you picked a pretty house. Maybe the other one was staged so that you'd see it holds a lot of stuff and has lots of floor space. I would never show our house looking tore up like that. Heck, it doesn't even look that bad and we don't let people come over.

  8. beautiful house!!!good luck to you!
    Can't believe some people lives that way!!!


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