Friday, March 30, 2012

We are signed on!

We have signed on with the realtors! As of the first day we had a showing. I just couldn't believe it. A showing on the very first day the house was up for sale. That just seems too quick for me. It is happening so fast it seems. We priced the house right, not too high, not too low, just right.
I have decorated tastefully and we had picked pretty colors for our walls, muted greens, yellows, and the dining room is a wedgewood country blue color.
The colors feel soothing to the eyes..well, soothing to my eyes at least! ;)
The house has been cleaned top to bottom.
I had baked cookies for the first showing..but not before I had dropped a whole bag of sugar all over the kitchen floor...boy...was that fun to clean up!!
We left the house and parked our car in the neighbors driveway and waited....we were about three houses down..yes, I was curious to see who was looking at our house!
My daughter was very observant and noticed that the license plate said "North Carolina".. we are thinking a job transfer has people looking this way in Florida perhaps.

It is a lot of work to have a house up for sale, especially when you are still living in the home. It is extremely exhausting to keep it spotless, and then, or course there is the bird cages to keep clean and the rabbit..well, he goes outside everyday first thing.
I tell my son not to cook his burritos or anything smelly of the sort...I want the house to have a nice aroma from the apple airwick air fresheners I have placed around.
I don't know though how long I can keep this up! lol

I just pray that if it goes into contract the timing will work out good that our daughter can finish this school year without it interfering. Keep us in your prayers please!

Hope you all have a great weekend,


  1. Good luck! I had to laugh about the burritos!

  2. Great that you had a viewing on the first day. Hope everything works out well for you.


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