Monday, March 5, 2012

Scorpions in Florida!!

I just about fainted! My son walked in the door from his hiking in the woods today...this is what he came home with....
Yes, it's a scorpion!! I wasn't even sure if I should put it on my blog. They give me the creepy crawlies!! But, I just had to inform you that scorpions DO exist in Florida!!
I don't ever think I will sleep with both eyes closed ever again!!!


  1. Now that just may help you appreciate your move more!

  2. I hope is was not still able to move around, that would have freaked me out. Living in Scotland has it advantages sometimes, our creepy crawlies are pretty benign.

  3. LOL I know all about them. Being born and raised in S Florida then living just north of Tampa for a few years...I used to do a nightly check of the windowsills of my daughters bedroom for any house crashers, if I found them I simply flicked them back out the window. Mandatory shoes always and always check them before you put them on. They are creepy, I give ya that. LOL Between mosquitoes and scorpions....I don't miss Florida in that aspect at all.

  4. Hi

    That thing gives me the creeps!

    I hope you get no more visitors of that kind!


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