Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's me again. I think I am falling into a rut. I feel like I don't want to do much of anything the past week. I guess I feel so overwhelmed with the thoughts of the move, our son leaving for the military, and I keep waking up during the night, so I don't get good rest. As I try to sleep I keep feeling hot, then cold, then hot...covers, no covers, covers, no covers..I am sure you get the picture!! Ack! I tell hubby to put the fan on...then an hour later I want it off...but then think I want it on again! It's crazy!
 I have been thinking about knitting. I would like to learn how. I chatted with another blogging friend, Hazel at Quietly Stitching and she gave me some tips. My husband thought I needed a day out to myself today, so I decided that might be a good idea. I think he was right. I went over to the local craft store and walked around for a couple of hours..browsing and getting all sorts of ideas. I went over to the yarn section and picked out some knitting needles and found some yarn on clearance for practicing. I found a beginners book to help me out.
This should be interesting! I will attempt it anyways..we will see what happens. I also picked up some pieces of fabric to make a table runner..just a small one for our dining room table. Pretty reds and blues!
Then, I found a piece of blue striped ticking for just .71 cents! :)
I also picked up some fake geranium flowers for a glass vase I have in our living room. Needed something in them that will last while we try to sell our house. They were on sale 50 percent , the perfect time to buy them. They are really pretty!
Well, that was my day today, not really productive at home, but it was good to get out and just have "me" time...
It is a beautiful day outside, the weather is just perfect!
Blessings to you,


  1. Big changes cause all kind of havoc in our minds and our bodies. Sleep problems might be caused by menapause? Or just your mind in overload. Hope you get some rest and good luck with the knitting. Darlene

  2. Hello

    I'm sorry to hear about your trouble sleeping and I hope all will settle soon for you. Moves are big things.

    Hope you enjoy learning to knit - it's very addictive.

    Love the fabric you chose for your runner and the flowers are very pretty.

  3. Yuck on the sleeping trouble...sounds like you have much on your mind though. I hope you find some peace of mind soon, so you can rest more easily.
    Can't wait to see now you do with the knitting. I have thought about giving that a try myself, so I'll be looking for an update on that front!
    Love all the goodies ~ especially the Geraniums!

  4. Sorry about your bad days, and sleep problems. You CAN learn to knit from a book, I did, some 30+ years ago. Love your fake flowers, but they are Geraniums, not Hydrageas :) Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping and feeling a bit low. Good luck with the knitting, I'm lucky my Nana taught me to knit when I was 4 so have been knitting for a long time. I still remember her mantra though, IN, OVER, THROUGH AND OFF. Your fabric and flowers are very pretty and I look forward to seeing the finished table.


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