Sunday, February 19, 2012

Packing the house...

I have had a long hard day! Hubby is painting trim and walls all day today. I am packing up the kitchen. I really thought I was done doing this and we wouldn't be doing this again..but I more time! UGGH! My feet and back are hurting so bad and I am about to go to sleep early tonight.
My hubby said though, he doesn't want to move again after this move. Looks like this will be it for us.
I want to settle down, call our new home and town our forever home. I really hope it will be that way for us this time.
It looks very promising.
I am excited, I already have close friends in the area..we even visited with some recently. My husband also has friends that are excited to get together with us when we get there. We just found out another neat thing about the house we have our eyes on...
way in the back of the property there is a creek running through it!!! How country is that?
Ohhh...I am so excited! I sooo hope this house will still be available for us when we are ready to purchase in just a short while.
Between the big country porch, big piece of property, creek out back, cul de all sounds sooo wonderful. I can just imagine myself in this home.
I can just imagine the leaves crunching under my feet in the Fall, and sometimes the snow sprinkling down in the winter time...
The property already has bird houses around it, and pretty garden areas with walking paths.
I wasn't so sure I wanted to leave Florida at first..but after visiting our new home town, I am starting to become more excited with the thought of it all.
I am originally a northern girl from New York, and I do miss the cooler weather..especially when the brutal summer is here in Florida!! It is literally unbearable and I live inside the house with the air conditioning.
I have become a pro at packing..we do it all ourselves. We rent a truck, pack all the boxes ourselves too.
I think the Lord is looking out for us..he must know the plans he has for us..well, of course he does! A  friend of mine recently moved to a new house and offered up ALL of her boxes from moving...interesting timing..wouldn't you say?!!
She gave us all her boxes and packing paper...then, a neighbor moved in down the block and gave me all of his boxes too.
I guess this time I won't have to go searching for tons of boxes like I normally do.

I cringe though, thinking of having to pack up all of my sewing and stitching access to most of it for months till the house is sold! I will keep out my most recent projects and work on them.
Or...perhaps I will just have to buy new things? hee hee
Anyways...I am really tired from today, and tomorrow is a new day with more boxes staring at me ..more packing to be done and more to be accomplished.
I have so much to do.
I look forward to the day when all of this is over and we are settled once again.


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