Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!....and Winners Picked! :)

I hope you all had a very nice Valentines Day. I had a very nice day today :)
I started my day off with volunteering at the church. It is getting easier and easier to vacuum between the pews with all the weight I have lost! ;)
Chatted some with my sweet friend Charlotte that I clean the church with..then on the way home I stopped off at Hobby Lobby..it is on the drive home, how could I not stop there? I picked up a couple of things..here is what I got:
 Have I mentioned that I love the colors red and pink together? Well...I do! I picked up a bamboo crochet hook too..thought I might like to try that a bit. I needed bigger hoops, so thought the sizes 8 inch and 10 inch would suit me well for stitching.
Today was filled with many good things....
We gave our wonderful Son and Daughter Valentine goodies:
 and...a sweet treat of smiles candy for my dear husband!
Peanut Butter Cookies I baked per my son's request!
Popcorn..per my daughter's request!
My Dear Husband surprised me with pretty jewelry..he knows how much I love Brighton jewelry!
He also got me a Brighton tote bag..perfect for my stitchery! Oh, and the tins are perfect for my buttons too. The design on the tote is just the prettiest..I love it so much. He is so very good to me. :) I am very blessed indeed!
inside of tote: the cutest little zippered pocket!
Hubby also brought in roses from the yard...the Good Lord provided us with beautiful flowers on Valentines Day! :) (we live in Florida remember?) lol
I made a nice dinner at home of fried in olive oil chicken cutlets, onion baked potatoes and a spinach, cucumber and tomato salad.
Some gifts I sent in the mail ....
for my dear sweet Niece, a Peanuts Pillowcase that I sewed for Valentines Day:
For my sweet friend Jackie in PA..a pincushion...a surprise she wasn't aware of :)
This design is by Primitive Bettys and it is a freebie..if you want it..you can find it HERE

Now..onto the Giveaway Winners!!
I used my little button basket and wrote down all the entries on slips of paper folded...then I had my daughter pick two names...
And the winners are.........
Hazel and CalamityJr!!!!!!!!!
I will contact you by email so you can send me your addresses and I will mail out your goodies to you.
I am so very happy for you! This was so much fun and thank you for participating.
Thank you to everyone for commenting and entering...
I really enjoyed doing this giveaway. It made me happy and warmed my heart. I know I will be doing this again soon!


  1. I know you're in Florida, but did you just hear me squeal in Illinois? Thanks for picking my name; I'll love using the pin cushion made by you!

  2. What a lovely Valentine's Day you had. Lots of gifts given. Wonderful that I won your giveaway. I got your email and have mailed you back. xx

  3. Happy Valentines Day!

    Your pillow did finish just lovely! I'll be sharing on Friday. :-)

  4. Congratulations to the two winners. Your Valentine gifts are beautiful.


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