Monday, February 20, 2012

Crochet with thread

I have tried a little piece with crochet thread. I purchased a fine crochet hook with a bamboo needle. I had much trouble making this little square! The threads kept wanting to slip off the needle with every stitch I attempted to was a very slow piece for me to make. As  you can see, the stitches are not very even. It was quite an accomplishment to even get this piece finished!
It is only a small piece, but glad I was at least able to try it out..perhaps I will get better with practice.
We have had a very busy weekend. Hubby was busy putting molding up, and painting rooms. I have been busy packing up boxes, boxes, and more boxes! The pile is getting bigger and bigger. Packing up what we absolutely do not have to live with for the time we have a lot of stuff. A lot of winter stuff that is packed away now and we need to clear it all out.

The house is looking really good. It looks so pretty. All of the updates my husband did is sure to please someone when they walk through the door. I am positive they will want to purchase this home. It is in a lovely neighborhood. 
I have to start detaching my self feelings, my thoughts...detaching myself from Florida.
The past is the past..and yes, I do have a lot of good memories, good times that will always remain in my heart. But our life in Florida will be the past now. We won't be back this way again. Our lives will be changing, the kids are older, our son leaving for the military, our daughter will be graduating school in a few short years. Time marches on. It seemed as though when the children were little time stood still, as if for a moment..but then , well, something happened.
It all changed. Time just went fast forward. I loved the years past while the children grew up, we lived in Florida, I worked at the elementary school. It was a really wonderful time. I worked with handicapped children, and children with special needs. It did something to me. It was a time I will never forget. It made me realize that there is so much more to life, to living, to giving, to loving, to experiencing, to wanting to do more for others.
They were the best years of my life. Working with the children, being in the school while my daughter was there at the same time made it even more special. I was on the same schedule as my children. I was working, but still a stay at home mom in a way. They would both come home, cookies would still be waiting for them.
Our Florida life was wonderful. In the years past. Then, we had moved to North Carolina. I missed Florida so much my heart ached. I missed it greatly and couldn't adjust. We wanted to move back, but most said it wouldn't be the same.
I knew in my heart they would probably be right, and. they. were.
We couldn't live in our old beautiful house that we poured so much love into..that the walls held so many memories in. Although I ride my bike past that house now, the tears well up every time I go past. My. heart. still. hurts. I miss that home, all the memories it holds.
Although, really, it is just a house. Silly me...
But! I am human, and I do have feelings. I am ..starting to tear up again.
I guess I am not so sure how I feel about leaving once again!
Things really aren't the same now that we have moved back.
The area is not what it used to be. Days of the past are long gone by. You really can't get back what you once had..but you can always keep beautiful memories in your heart forever.
It's time to move on I guess, God knows what is best for our little family.
I know he will watch over us.
We will be ok.
I will be ok.
I will adjust.
I have to.
Life marches on, and love never ends.



  1. Louise we have some things in common. Moving a bit, being in school when our kids were in school and balancing with stay at home mom, working with kids with disabilities, yearning for that time when they were little and all at home) we have one graduated college and on his own back in NY, number 2 a college senior also back in NY and our youngest at home a HS senior ready to fly the coop in the fall. We moved from upstate NY to OK las summer. I know well that pang for those old homes and the memories and the feelings that if you just go back you will have it all back again but true, it's part of the past. We have to focus on the new memories God has in store for us. He TRULY knows the plans he has for us... Will pray for a smooth move both on the Fla side and at the new state side.

  2. I hope there will be lots of new and exciting things in your life. Have a good day!

  3. Another new chapter in your life sounds like fun. So can you tell us where you are moving to?

  4. Blog hopped and found you and have spent a very pleasant half an hour reading your blog.. it is hard to leave places that have good memories but new places can be exciting too..I have been very blessed and were able to move back to the place that had became my home. We have been here just 9 months and every day is wonderful. I hope you will settle and make new friends right away.
    Every Blessing
    Chris x

  5. Hi dear friend. Your crocheted square is really pretty, and I think the reason why the stitches kept slipping off the hook is probably because the hook was to tiny for the thread.
    I sure do understand how you feel about your upcoming move. I've often thought that I would like to live in the town that I was born and raised in. I have so many wonderful memories all the years I lived there. I have to remember though that all the ones I knew have mostly moved away as well or passed on. The little mom and pop stores are no longer in business. The huge old tree that we swung from has been long gone and in it's place is a drug store. Even the down town area has lost all of the stores that were there, and have now been replaced with pubs and bistros. We can't go back to something that "isn't". Sad as it is. You will find another home and make it every bit as comfortable as the one you have now. You'll find another wonderful neighborhood, and meet some great people. God paves the way when it's His plan, and He already some fantastic things in store for you.


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