Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Vacation

 My husband and I took a three day vacation, just the two of us! We went a bit further north, and enjoyed every minute of it. I surely did not want our time away to end. We visited with dear friends I met through a stitching board, (Hi Bonnie and Mike!). They had the most fabulous lunch for us with homemade chili. It was nice to chat, eat, and enjoy each others company.
 I had brought along homemade peanut butter cookies to share, with a special stitched pincushion for Bonnie:
We stayed at a beautiful hotel that accommodated our every need.
Breakfast was a wonderful treat each morning, with homemade waffles, fresh fruits, cereals, bagels, pastries, juices, coffee and teas of all sorts. A wonderfully great start to each day! YUM!!
We drove around each day, looking at different homes. Starting to think about our retirement and where we will finally land one day..perhaps sooner than later! We saw many beautiful homes...this one looked nice, but needed some work:
Not sure if a house like this would work for us (ha ha) :)...we searched a little further, and then we found a castle!:
When they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...I guess it might work in this could spouses even find each other? LOL!~ A beautiful castle indeed.
The weather was absolutely fantastic! The Fall foliage was outstanding:

 We saw Cows peacefully resting:
And we saw Birds:

 Not really sure what type of birds they were...but they were big and interesting looking!
A cemetary we passed along the way:
We stopped at a Taco place for some yummie lunch one day..I decided to get the taco salad. It was delicious!
We attended an elegant party for a close friend of my husband. Many people turned out and it was a big hit. A great Saturday night! We had many laughs and enjoyed ourselves immensely. On the way home Hubby wanted to stop for Dairy Queen...when he looked at his chocolate dipped cone, this is what he saw! 
We were so happy the whole weekend long, it even showed in the ice cream cone! :)
We looked forward to spending this time together and it was even better than we have ever imagined. Enjoying every minute, just the two of us!
It was lots of fun looking at different homes and spending time in such beautiful weather, along with special friends!
We spotted a stitch shop along the way, and of course my husband (the sweet man he is!) stopped and waited in the car while I shopped. This is the lot I came home with. Many charts on clearance!
Bonnie was so sweet and offered up this beautiful Linda Meyers chart to me when she found out that I love Amish Designs.
We will be traveling again soon, until then, I wish you all a Blessed Week!


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    My son likes the view of the ice cream cone. LOL

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! And you stayed at a Country Inn and Suites...right?! We only stay at those if we can help it, as they are wonderful!

  3. Every time I stop by here, I kick myself for not doing so more often. I love your blog and your latest post reminds me of my own late one about our trip away last week. Lots of fun things. Places we stopped and things we did.
    You so inspire me! God bless you.


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