Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning (and a freebie I found!)

I wanted so much to sleep late today...but I think my body is programmed for waking up early now. I was up by 6am! (Weekdays I must get up at 5:30am). The United States Navy Blue Angels were practicing over our house in our back yard yesterday in preparation for the big show today. I can't believe how they fly in formation, and so close to each other. They are so amazing to watch!
I did snap a couple of pics with my daughter's little camera and this is what I got:
I kept missing them because they travel at such a high rate of speed! It is so very loud when they fly over and so close, pure excitement!
I was searching around the internet yesterday (spending way too much time online again!) and decided to order a couple of things I have been wanting. (early Christmas gifts from my husband) , I ordered  the book by Sarah London titled "Granny Square Love". I cannot wait to receive this book. Lovely pictures throughout. I would like to learn some new granny techniques, and I think this book will help me a lot with that.
I found some freebie cross stitch charts on the internet that I think you might be interested in. Perfect timing with a snowman, an ornament, a pumpkin and a peppermint acorn design too. They look to be older freebies, but I myself have never seen them without further is the link for you! :
Flying Needle Freebies You must scroll down once you click on the link to see all the freebies. I love them, I know you will too. :)
Yesterday I ordered from a catalog I received in the mail from King Arthur Flour. I have had my eye on these snowflake cookie cutters since last Christmas. I couldn't hold back any longer! I know they will make very special cookies for the Christmas season. Oh Dear, I just looked at the website and it looks as if they are not available to purchase at this time! They were in the catalog and I had just mailed my payment out yesterday with the filled in order form. Perhaps they only mean it is not available online? I sure hope I do get them. I had wanted these so much since last year. Here is a picture of the cookies they create when you use the cutters..aren't they perfect!
Looks like I might have to put a call in to the company and see what is up..I do hope they come through for me!
I went out with my Dear Husband this morning. We did some shopping for house things. We were blessed with an unexpected check in the mail from the bank! They told us that we overpaid with certain things when we closed on our house last year. Now, it wasn't a million bucks..don't get too excited, LOL! But, it was enough to buy a couple of things we have waited on for our home. I love the wood flooring we put throughout our house, but miss the feel of a rug under my feet. Soooo...we looked around, and this is what we found!
Isn't this the prettiest rug! It is now in our living room between the couch and chairs. It absolutely looks lovely. Makes the living room feel so much more "homier".
Much prettier colors in person...moss greens, taupes, creams, deep reds too. We also picked up paint for our master bedroom. I think we chose a really good color, called Crocodile Tears by Olympic. The color online doesn't really match the swatch card, it is more of a greenish, yellowy color..actually, reminds me a bit of celery. I am sure it is going to look really pretty in our bedroom with our white bedspread, or our comforter with shades of green also.
My hubby is ready to get to work today on painting..and I will be going for my annual scheduled eye exam. I hope they can adjust my contact lenses. I am having a lot of trouble stitching on 32 count linen. I may complain at times about having to live with glasses and contacts, but I DO realize how blessed I am that I have eyes to see!
I am trying to keep up with my Church class readings. I am taking a great class that runs for many months with a wonderful group of women that I have become closer to. The readings are wonderful and I am learning so much about temperaments and how each one of us is unique in our own ways. It is a very interesting read!
I am thinking of stitching a lizzie kate ornament for my daughter's teachers for Christmas. "Happy Birthday Jesus". I don't have much time..and always have such good intentions for everyone, and then, I run out of time. I hope though to at least try to do this for them. She has such wonderful teachers at her Catholic school!
It is now just about noon and our kids are still asleep...I remember those days! :)
I wish you all a beautiful day today!


  1. Louise! I've always wanted to learn to crochet a granny square. Will you teach me??? Pleeeeeezzzzeee!?!

    Loved the Blue Angels! I was outside watching them too!

  2. Do you subscribe to the By the Bay newsletter? The November freebie is a tiny manger that wouldn't take long to stitch, and you could add Happy Birthday Jesus"!


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