Monday, November 28, 2011

Doctor Visit

I have not been feeling well the past month and it seems I am getting worse. I have tried so hard to stay away from the doctors office..but the time has come. Please won't you keep me in your prayers. Life has been a bit difficult for me with the pain and I am trying to cope with these weekly migraines, visual disturbances, and feeling very run down. The migraines are weekly now and this past weekend was the worst. It started on Friday, and as of today (Monday) I was still feeling a bit ill with the headache. The migraines have never lasted this long for me. I am praying that the doctors can help me. I have tried so many medications in the past with not great relief, except for less frequency due to the help of some medications. I felt so helpless this weekend..with so much to do, but stayed in bed for three days. This is not the "ME" that I like to see. :(
I thought they would decrease with age, but it seems as though they are getting worse. Not everyone can understand what I feel unless they have had to deal with migraines themselves. It is debilitating! I absolutely broke down in tears this weekend feeling very sorry for myself. I know they pass with time..but now I fear looking forward to another before the week is out, as I have continuously had one starting every Friday for the past month. *sigh*
I have tried many of the triptans with no help.
A preventative has helped in the past, but only worked for so long then they didn't seem strong enough to keep the migraines at bay. I have had MRI's years ago which come up fine.There is a family history..but it seems I have gotten the worst of it. :(

Please, keep me in your prayers for guidance and help from the doctor when I go for my appointment. I think the next stop up will be a neurologist. I am very blessed with an understanding husband who serves my every need, a son who brings me tea, and a daughter who forever snuggles with me! I also thank God for my very dear friends!



  1. Sorry to hear u have been feeling poorly! Hope you are better soon. My mil suffers from migraines. They are terrible, she takes some meds but she also uses tiger balm and sometimes peppermint oil. Just alittle bit rubbed onto her temples. She said it has helped.

  2. Oh dear Louise. It's not caffeine related is it?? I had to cut that out of my diet because of headaches. Hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Xx

  3. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers, and your doctors, too. Take care.

  4. Lots of prayers and gentle hugs! I suffer from an occasional migraine (usually stress related) so you have both my empathy and my sympathy.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Feel better soon. May the dr's soon find out what is going on.


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