Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~Sweet Sixteen!~

Our daughter turned Sweet Sixteen! I wonder where the years have gone...
I remember what feels like yesterday sewing her Raggedy Ann dress...
Our little "Annie" is growing up so fast..I really did try hard to keep her little..but the years slipped through my fingers and she is now a beautiful young lady!
Her cake turned out perfect. Her party theme was "polka dots"..so, we saw to it that her special cake would be adorned with many dots too!

She also had a special "Cookie Cake"..I love these! They are so pretty, the kids loved it, and the shop did a great job at decorating:
The house was jam packed with many guests, family and friends. I prepared trays of many goodies to munch on, and also prepared all the food a day ahead of time:
I filled glass hurricanes with Skittles candy and placed a small tealight candle in a small glass holder inside the hurricane for a beautiful glow with candy "dots" around!
Dinner was delicious with baked ziti, sausage and peppers, cuban sandwiches, potato salad, garden salad, spanish rice, cocktail meatballs and many other things.
I dipped strawberries in chocolate and wrote in white chocolate on them for decoration:

Some guests traveled from other areas, as far as New York!
Our daughter received many lovely gifts..
An adorable stuffed Owl was one of her favorites!

 A pretty figurine...This was given to me when I was 16! I had forgotten about this until a relative gave it to our daughter for her special day....
 Special favors for the special guests...
Hershey chocolate bars wrapped in personalized wrappers:

Homemade lollies that I made ahead of time out of chocolate. Chocolate and vanilla pops wrapped with polka dot ribbons and personalized ribbons that say "Sweet 16"!
I had purchased polka dot fabric (2 yards) at Hobby Lobby to use as a table cloth..I will now cut it up to make some throw pillows for my daughter's bed, for a remembrance from her Special day!

So much fun with Friends!

Time for Cake!

We Love You Annie!
Happy Sweet 16 ~ Our Angel from Heaven!

Momma, Dad, and Big Brother :)


  1. What a fun party! You can decorate (and cook) for me any day!


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